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admin Recent Posts. Slideshow: 7 Carefully Curated Interiors | DwellSlideshow: 8 Ways to Creatively Insulate Your Home | DwellTwylem Cardigan in Stockinette ... Umbelas.com Blog

admin Image. Slideshow: 8 Ways to Creatively Insulate Your Home | Dwell. Share this: EmailPrintFacebookPocketTwitterLinkedInPinterestGoogleDigg ... Umbelas.com Blog

evildick13 in the corner she finds boxes roll upon roll exposed unprocessed wrapped and labeled enormous cardboard horizons and unfinished orchards all come undone ... Evil Dick's Blog

jeremiahtillman Comments via Hacker News http://blog.watsi.org/post/64043715782/were-hiring-an-operations-expert-to-shape-the-future. Enjoying The Moment

danfromsquirrelhill I'm shocked - shocked - to see certain things in Phantom of the Opera that I did not see in other classic Universal monster films! For one thing, this movie has ... Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog

jeremiahtillman Comments via Hacker News http://www.leaseweblabs.com/2013/07/10-very-good-reasons-to-stop-using-javascript/ Enjoying The Moment

semichorus Usually right-wing humor is anything but. Being Republican by necessity = not funny. Their jokes never work. But as liberal as we are around here, we have to ... Burbank, California

westsidekia Thank you to Jose Zavala on your new 2014 #Kia #Sorento from Gil Guzman and everyone at Westside Kia! #NewCarSmell, a photo by Westside KIA on Flickr. Westside KIA Katy Texas

Creativeo The Crouch End Festival group are pleased to announce a Christmas Market in the heart of Crouch End on Sat Dec 14th. We have over 40 craft stalls, all local ... Crouch End Creatives

earlychildhoodnewsupdate 10/14/13 Recently, nearly 400 people gathered in Washington D.C. for a national meeting - sponsored by the Build Initiative with funding from the Alliance for ... earlychildhoodnewsupdate

John Rue Is there any difference? Really? Why? Who believes you? Why? If so, even so, WHY am I writing this .... BUILT TO LEAD

limkfeed [No Spoilers] In case you've ever wondered what a smiling Tywin looks likeOctober 15, 2013. "If I can't have nice things, no one can". By limkfeedLeave a ... Limk.com

Jim Brennan "If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are. - Zen saying After fifty-nine years, I suddenly have this new ... Rite 2 Run

Michael There are many many signs that we are going to crash. They are mostly physical. We do not think we are going to crash. We finished the body work on the truck. SELF-ISH TOO ---TRIGGERING--

christrocks Here's what you need to keep in mind. You no longer have yesterday. You do not yet have tomorrow. You have only today. This is the day the Lord has made. The Teen Theme

lauriebest Okay, I know I'm old. I also know I'm not particularly tech savvy. (Hold the laughter, Gill.) But surely I'm not the only one that finds the current trend of reducing ... Hey Ma, I'm Home

ipshita19 With the government being shut down, everybody across the nation is looking for ways to cut down costs and increase income. In between the whole chaos, one ... Curiouslycurious

michael sean symonds The notion of wholeness rests on imagined ideas; unreliable - fictitious notions which distract the innocence/perfection of awareness - here/now. Bliss Blog

sammxuser October 2013. S, M, T, W, T, F, S.Sep. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, 8, 9101112131415, 16, 17, 18, 19. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. Live Tweet ... sammxuser

limkfeed [No Spoilers] In case you've ever wondered what a smiling Tywin looks like. Limk.com

sheptalk Hello all you beautiful people! So on Friday, September 27 at 1 pm I've had the chance to get out and table on Sproul for the first time as a Sexpert in SHEP. SHEP Talk

wayneserles Most travel trailer refrigerator units are not heavy and this what you are used to, the driver's seat will be on the opposite side of the car. You may also take ... WayneSerles Travel

Tim There's nothing quite like a 5 minute AMRAP of a fairly heavy weight to get your heart pumping and your lunch making its way back up. You can do it. The best ... CrossFit Lancaster

Ken 6/12-Time to start "herding the cats" and get some of my baggage in order. I've acquired a shipping box and the first things will go in soon. Probably mask ... Visit places you may never get to see

sahilpatwa There are two New Yorks that reside in the city - one is up during the day, while the other sleeps through the day and is up at night. The Columbia campus is ... Sahil Patwa's Weblog

usefulobservations American Express are launching "Shop Small" a campaign to encourage support for local communities and small businesses. During the month of November, ... Camera Obscura

appec The following are the Ontario Municipalities that have declared they are "Unwilling Hosts" as of Oct 6th, 2013 Municipality Declared "Unwilling Host" Count 71 ... Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County

Billy David Dickson Dave Ramsey lays it on the line about ObamaCare. Billydteacher's Blog

powertoolrecordsnz We have new releases by artists from a selection of underground music scenes this week: Dan West - a former player in the Paisley Underground scene of LA; ... Powertool Records

lesleycarter As part of my 2013 bucket list, decorating our new house has consumed our free-time and weekends. We want to create a space that is unique while still being ... Bucket List Publications

sebaroni October 14, 2013 - I saw Dr. Finkel today and she was pleased with how things are looking. I mentioned to her that the left side was quite a bit more sore than the ... Be Careful What You Wish For

ldbw Steve Coogan (The Parole Officer, Alan Partridge) and Dame Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal, Iris) star in Stephen Frears new heart-warmer 'Philomena'. loveallfilm

Fiji Democracy Now The regime's brand new Media Commissar, Ashwin Raj, has given us a fair idea of where he's coming from. His first public statement is to say that our bullied ... Fiji Democracy Now Blog

muzikman See on Scoop.it - Music ReviewsHawkwind, the UK space rock band, was formed a while ago, in 1969 to be exact, and there have been rather a lot of musicians ... MuzikReviews.com

Lynne Ayers A collection of my art photography - We are having a glorious autumn here of cool nights and warm days - these are from photos taken during the last two weeks. Beyond the Brush

eClinik Would have been perfect if the authors included the entity behind the Vatican, but here's a powerful video that could inspire us today. Thank you Jean. Published ... Towards Emancipation

yoshizen While living with cats, I designed many Cat's Toy. or cat's Teaser. After all, cats are still the hunter = they chase anything moves, though, the birds are a bit too ... Yoshizen's Blog

ghostmann This is pretty much beyond cool. Check it out the video by clicking the link below, ... Nothing But Comics!

Wannabemom Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I feel like I should write a cliche post about how "thankful" I am for the "blessings" this year has brought and how "grateful" I ... A Glimpse Inside

Willie Mac I have to admit, I have been gone for awhile. A long while. Not the longest I have ever been absent, but long enough to make me go, "Wow, what on earth have ... Willie Be Macin'

RaoulDukeKD Welcome to Four Finger Spatchcock, once again. Episode 8, It Was A Very Big Wadd, is now available. Subscribe in iTunes. The Dukes Playground

Rub n Some parts arrived this week to my home. After the overseas trip, live goes back to normal so I can spend some time meassing around with the bike. Next steps ... BMW R80 RT Cafe Racer

davidgrebow13 I originally posted this as a Brandon Hall Group blog and kept thinking about it. If you have ever had an idea that seems to take seed in your synapses, and then ... The KnowledgeStar Blog

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