Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eid Al Adha and Scary Stories

Today in our Saturday Program, Salsalbeel wrote about her Eid Al Adha holiday.

"The first day was very nice, my sister came to us with her kids, Anosa, Awad, and Omar. I watched my tv series, Jhansi Ki Rani (Queen of Jhansi - Bollywood). We were in the home, but it was a nice day.

The second day we went to the children's museum in Al Hussein Garden. We played a lot of games in the childrens' museum. My sister went out with her friend. She ate shwarma and drank juice and nescafe with her friend. We were very tired. My mum bought for us seven up, sweets, and chocolates. After we ate, we slept. We woke up at seven o'clock because the series is at seven o'clock. After we finished, we watched the news. After that we watched the series, Pavitra Rechta, and we slept. "

Then, to practice our creative writing skills, our group wrote scary stories. Salsalbeel claimed she had no imagination.. but came up with a pretty good story herself:

"The girl looked behind her and saw a tall, dark shadow, and saw behind her a big monster that wanted to eat her. She was very scared. She ran away and he caught her.

He put her in a small prison without winds and without doors. It was with snakes and mouses and a scarab. It was an old castle, with 40 bedrooms and 60 windows and 40 doors. The bedrooms were very big and there was sand in the bedrooms. It was dark with snakes. There were just the servants and the monster. He was a bad monster with big eyes and long hair and a big mouth with a strong teeth, with a big hand, and big body.

She saw this strong thing. He can come to her from the wall ad he couldn't eat. She ran away fro the castel after she killed him and hi the wall very hard and came back to her home. And she forgot this incident."

More stories to come!
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