Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon trading card game in February

Mega Evolutions, one of the new features in that allows players to take their pocket monsters to new heights in battle, will be making an appearance in the Pok mon trading card game (TCG) next year. Starting February 5, players can pick up 10-card booster packs as part of the Pok mon TCG: XY expansion, which may contain cards that allow them to Mega Evolve one of their Pok mon.

In the Pok mon TCG, Mega Evolutions are only compatible with Pok mon-EX cards, which is interesting, because EX cards sort of already did what Mega Evolutions do: they're suped-up, more powerful versions of existing Pok mon, and they're incredibly popular at TCG tournaments. There is a catch to Mega Evolving your Pok mon in the TCG, though. Once you Mega Evolve, your turn ends immediately, so you have to survive into the next round if you want to attack.

In other Pok mon TCG news, the Kalos Starter Set, which features the first TCG Fairy-type pokemon - who are resistant to Darkness-type Pok mon - will be available November 8 of this year. Both the Kalos Starter Set and the XY booster packs will include a code card that will help aspiring trainers build up their virtual deck in .

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