Thursday, October 17, 2013

Game Sales of the Week (10/16/13)


Let's do it! I wanna be the very best like no one ever was (ever was ever was) To cat-...


Anyways, I do get nostalgic when I re-watch the OPs.

Oh, and I only have one badge right now. Busy with Monster Hunter...

And anyways again, but the week of Pokemon! Released worldwide!

-So Pokemon XY gets 1,866,570. Considering there is a DL version, it is safe to say it passed the 2 million mark already. Also, it seems 4 million have been sold worldwide. (That also means half of that was sold in Japan).

DP was 1,586,360

BW was 2,637,285

BW2 was 1,618,621

So XY is lower than BW2. But almost 3 times that amount of DS were sold at the release time of BW and two Pokemon games had already been released on the system, so it is not surprising to see BW having a better first week.

Putting that aside, it is no doubt 2 million is good. There are countless number of games out there that wish they could achieve such results in their entire life time, after all. But yet, we think "Pokemon" and 2 million starts to look normal. Scary, eh?

-Grand Theft Auto comes out for the XBOX and PS3. As one would expect, these type of Western games do not sell as well in Japan as they do elsewhere, but I guess the results are still fine, except just overshadowed by Pokemon. And a rare appearance by the XBOX on the list.

I've never myself found the series attractive.

-77,228 for Tales. Mm... Well, if you consider the once-fame of Tales, I would say it isn't that good.

And considering stupid con artist BandaiNamco, they deserve it. I did like Tales though.

Past tense.

-Monster Hunter 4 stays at the top 3, with its sales drop slowing down.

-DangaRonpa does 76,172. Since the title has 1 and 2 as well as Reload, I assume it is a remake? Or re-bundling? Either way, I'm surprised it sold so well. Anime effect? The anime sucked beyond horrible though.

-And you thought I forgot? But I did not forget, but Vita's new model came out this week! Thanks to the boost, Vita jumps to 60,000! And if the 3DS was at its normal (before MH4) pace of 40000+, Vita could have won against the 3DS! But thanks to MH4 and Pokemon, the normal 3DS alone took the crown!

However, I guess the Vita did good as far as the Vita goes. Then again, if past events show, the sales will start decreasing each week from now, again
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