Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tokyo Ravens 2

Oh fuck this show for *spoilers*!!!


Harutora tries to explain what just happened but Hokuto won't listen to reason and runs away.

In summer class, Touji talks about the ritual Chocolate banana girl (real name Suzuka) wanted to perform. Apparently the same ritual caused a great spirit crisis back when Tsuchimikado Yakou tried to perform it.

Harutora sees Natsume to tell her about Suzuka. Natsume knows that Suzuka is leagues above her but she has to stop her from getting to the Tsuchimikado shrine.

Harutora suddenly feels weak and starts coughing.

A bee-shaped familiar comes out of his mouth and steals Natsume's spiritual energy.

Harutora gets Natsume home. He figures that the familiar got inside him when Suzuka kissed him so he has to track her down.

Touji is on standby and reports that the men that were after her before are on the move again.

A trap hits Harutora and he figures that it was set up by Suzuka.

He checks the area and finds Suzuka being surrounded again.

Suzuka summons Tsuchigumo and wipes out her captors.

While Harutora is hiding, he witnesses Suzuka talk about resurrecting her brother with the spirit energy she obtained.

After a message from Hokuto causes his phone to ring and reveal his presence, Harutora tells Suzuka that her brother and her family won't like it if they knew about how much harm she's causing.

Suzuka tells him that she has no family. She's been the product of experimentation since birth and that's how she got so strong.

Suzuka orders Tsuchigumo to attack once again. Hokuto appears to save Hautora, take the hit and dispel Suzuka's summon.

Hokuto dies while telling Harutora to run and live on.

Harutora remembers how their childhood's were spent running and chasing each other.

And now Harutora finds himself running again, but for a different reason.

He arrives at Natsume's shrine and tells her to make him her familiar so he can fight.

After a pretty lewd blood contract, Natsume awakens Harutora's spirit seer abilities.


*sigh* The show just killed off one of the most promising romance this season of anime had Hokuto Why I don't feel like watching Tokyo Ravens anymore Actually I do, even more so than before. It's not because I hate Hokuto and am happy to see her gone, quite the opposite really. I loved Hokuto from her bare legs to her upbeat and caring personality. I loved the history she and Harutora already had and I think the anime did an adequate job establishing the relationship between the two. Impressive considering they only had two episodes to do it. But in those two episodes, Tokyo Ravens managed to do most things right. Most. I understand how Hokuto must have felt when she saw Harutora getting kissed by another girl but you really can't blame him. Look, what she saw was Harutora being held up by some giant monster spirit thingy while some girl dressing like a skank forces herself on her and it's Harutora's fault?! I hate it when dramas have to make their characters stupid just to get the drama going. The whole thing would have been better if Hokuto had just said nothing and run away. Oh yeah, running. That was a pretty strong theme for this episode. Hokuto running away, Harutora failing to run after her, how Hokuto only introduced herself when Harutora finally caught up to her when they were kids, Harutora running in the rain, etc. Suzuka herself gets a bit of characterization and I like what they did to her. She now has a motive known to the audience, and it's a pretty understandable one. They even showed her history as a child and it even further rationalizes her current attitude and actions. Hey, I'd be pretty pissed at society too if I was made into a lab/shrine monkey. I also like how the show wants us to sympathize for her and yet keep in mind that she's the bad guy too. How she mocked Harutora after Hokuto's death just after being surprised herself at Hokuto's sacrifice tells more about her which her words didn't. *Sigh* This romance between Harutora and Hokuto really could have gone somewhere. It was so strong for something that was just newly introduced to the audience. Dammit. Tokyo Ravens better come up with something great from this. I can imagine that the relationship between Harutora and Natsume will be an uneasy one with Harutora keeping his feelings for Hokuto and finding it hard to move on. Oh yeah, what's up with the little fox person at the end of the credits?

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