Sunday, October 27, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: Hook and Emma Kiss, and a Dangerous Henry (VIDEOS)

Tonight is the much anticipated Hook and Emma kiss on Once Upon a Time season 3. All season, the two have been walking the line between becoming friends and something more. Their kiss may seem sudden, because last week Emma was declaring her love for a presumed dead Neal. However, smartly, the Once Upon a Time season 3 writers managed to give both fandoms what they wanted without making the other too mad.

In the Once Upon a Time season 3 preview released for this week, Hook and Emma kiss. Nevertheless, it's not exactly a kiss filled with all consuming passion. Hook saves David. Emma is grateful for it. Then cheeky Hook basically says if she was really grateful she'd give him more than a thank you. Then the two basically challenge each other to see who has the biggest guts. Emma proves she does by making the first move. Then she says that the kiss was a one time thing, and she plans how they can leave the scene without creating suspicion. Hook is a little taken aback by it. He's clearly developing feelings for Emma. But Emma is just not there yet.

What's great about this kiss is it shows Emma's no nonsense attitude. It also doesn't seem false for either character. Emma doesn't suddenly forget Neal and jump into Hook's arms. She does it to prove a point, and maybe a little bit of curiousness. It's not exactly a romantic kiss, but it's not void of all passion.

On another clip released for this episode, Emma manages to get a Lost Boy alone. She wants him to deliver a message to Henry from her, but the boy refuses. Then she tries to make him realize that Peter Pan is a monster from the scar he gets from him. He says it wasn't Pan who gave him the scar but Henry.

The great thing about this clip is the possibility of Henry turning dark. This will open a bunch of new layers to the Once Upon a Time story. It also not unbelievable that Henry could become bad. Half of hisgenetic identity belongs to Rumple, the Dark One. Additionally, he was raised by the Evil Queen. So a bad Henry might be a good twist for the show.

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