Monday, October 21, 2013

The Attack on Titan Opening CreditsBut With Cats [VIDEO]

Even if you don't know what Attack on Titan is, you've probably seen it around. Like Welcome to Night Vale before it, a die-hard fandom for the anime popped up on Tumblr seemingly overnight, and New York Comic Con saw approximately twelve billion fans rock white-clothes-brown-straps cosplay. A short explanation: The show takes place in a dystopia where humanity has been forced to live inside a walled-off city lest they all get eaten by gigantic, insanely creepy monsters known as Titans. A group of dysfunctional teens fights back agains the Titans after theywait for itattack. The show has amazing fight scenes, great characters, drama, horror, violenceno cats, though. That needed correcting, clearly, and YouTuber jamuomii was the one to step up.

You can check out the orignal, cat-less version of the opening credits under the jump.

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