Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'47 Ronin' International Trailer Doesn't Let Keanu Speak

It would stand to reason that 47 RONIN could be something of a hard sell in Japan, seeing as it takes a story that's been an important part of Japanese history and culture and co-opts it into being a glossy starring vehicle for an American actor (KEANU REEVES) who gets painted as being its hero.

Heck, 47 Ronin could even be a hard sell in the States, because if proved anything to us, it's that the notoriously surfer-voiced Reeves looks and sounds kind of ridiculous when he's playing a character who exists anywhere other than in modern times. There is one thing that always sells pretty well no matter where you are in the world though, and that's big spectacle action. So this new Japanese trailer for 47 Ronin shuts its characters up, doesn't do too much to mention any historical tales, and focuses instead on all of the big sword fights with various mythical creatures that it contains.

And, you know what, at least when it's presented in the short clips we've seen so for, it looks like this movie could be a brainless good time at the cinema for fans of sword fighting, monsters, and loud noises. Which is basically anybody sane.

After rather infamously getting pushed back a few times because the scope of the production got out of first time feature director CARL RINSCH's hands a little, 47 Ronin seems to now be ready to bring its tale of an outcast slave becoming a hero and 47 men banding together to seek revenge against a larger and more powerful enemy to the big screen. Here in the US it will get its release on Christmas Day, because what better way is there to celebrate the birth of Jesus than to watch Keanu Reeves fight a slew of Asian monsters with a katana? There's no better way.
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