Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick takes

1. Blogging from phone is easy but also frustrating|Fat fingers, tiny keys, no spell check, no way to size photos, linking is a challenge. Since I usually have my phone w me, overall it is tempting easiest way to get moving on a post.


Dad sent this with a bunch of other political memes. But doesn't this one just burn you up for for the illogical creatures our government forces us to be?!3Nick had a big day when his friends has their second snow day and hung out here (their parents worked). So he had to catch up on math late in the night. But his mind wandered and decided to doodle. I don't mind finding doodles in with Algebra... As long as there are answers mixed in.

4.Today is the 102nd anniversary of my grandmother's birth, the only of my natural grandparents I knew. She called me "May-re" and always made me know I was loved. She had a love for poetry, literature and beautiful skill of elegant handwriting. (I kept all her letters and cards.) She was full of love and cheerfulness. I never saw her angry and sadly, one time I asked her a question that made her cry. She passed about sixteen years ago.Eternal rest grant sweet Granny oh Lord, may perpetual light shine upon her, and through Your mercy, may she rest in peace.

5.Starting today:Novena to Saint Apollonia, patroness of dentists and dental patientsA saint very near and dear to my heart.St Apollonia, Virgin and Martyr, feast day on February 9th. She was martyred in Alexandria, arrested and executed in about 250 A.D. during a riot provoked against the Christians. Her executioners broke and extracted all her teeth. She is invoked for the cure of toothache, all dental woes. I bring her with me to all my appointments, and my kids' appointments, and ask her to pray for the dentist, too! Sometimes I share a prayer card.

PRAYER:O glorious Apollonia, may our good teeth reflect also the moral life we are living. How useless it is to enjoy a good dental health when our moral life is going down due to our sins. You lost all your teeth, but you were a shining light. May the whiteness of our teeth be a reflection of our virtues and values that shine before others as light and example to be followed. Amen.

Saint Apollonia, pray for us.

6.My girls LOVE going to their dentist. They love it! Ceci counts down the months until the next appointment. Lilly tagged along this time and had a free tooth brushing "princess style". Cool waiting area, but they don't have to wait very long.

Monsters?! Hopefully not adding to Lil's nightmares

7. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend! Go visit .
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