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Pentagram Character Concepts: Morgan Shaw

Now lets get into some characters! YEAH! Lets begin with one character of mine that I just adore, for some reason or another. Many of you have probably seen me draw him a lot (its the wizard guy with the long hair who is always scowling). I love him on the base concept, the design and the personality I've given him, so without further adieu lets get going. BUT A WORD OF WARNING. Morgan represents the darkest and most vioelnt that the series will get, and it will get very, VERY dark when he's around. If you have any hang-ups when it come to violence against pregnant women and against children, TURN BACK NOW

Full name: Morriganth Lancaster Alhememnon Shaw

Born a Seventh Son of a Seventh son (yes I did get the idea from the Iron Maiden album, but it led me to further research over what it really is and I found it fascinating), the result of a secret society whose purpose it is to create such children. Morgan was the society's greatest achievement, but also their downfall. His mother was impregnated with him under ritualistic circumstances, particularly a ritual that utilized the Dark Arts to influence the gender of the child to be born. While his mother was a part of the society and was consensual to the idea, in the last weeks leading up to the child's birth, she began to experience horrifying visions and psychological tortures she believed to be brought on by the child yet to be born. Regretting her decision and finally managing to escape from the clutches of the society 2 weeks before the child was to be born, she fled into the woods nearby the asylum in which she was kept, and slit her wrists, killing herself and attempting to take the baby with her. She failed, while she died, her son was cut from her when the society caught up with her, and through their unnatural magics, the premature baby survived. In blood, darkness and terror, Morgan was born.

The powers of the seventh son manifested themselves in many ways in the child (more will be explained under the powers/skills section), the most prominent of which was the power of Second Sight, which granted Morgan the ability to see many things others could not. Unfortunately, the outright terrifying visions of things past and yet to come coupled with the blurred barriers between the worlds beyond was far too much for Morgan's young mind to handle. He spent the first decade of his life a screaming, invalid and insane wreck. Morgan was placed into the care of an insane asylum. Yes, a medieval insane asylum, you know where this is goingThere, nuns performed the brutal treatments of the time on the poor child, ranging from crude lobotomies, trepanning, violent beatings and dousing with ice cold water (all things that did happen to insane patients back then) daily, but the visions and insanity only seemed to get worse. Morgan would often scribble nonsense and/or threatening incantations on the walls after he had scratched his fingers to the bone against the stone walls. Morgans other powers and natural affinity for magic also began to appear and he very nearly destroyed the asylum many times with violent spell-craft. Not helping at all was the visions of his mother that he began to see, several times her angry spirit directly attacked him and his mind in an attempt to finish what she had started.

It was only through pubescence and age that Morgan began to gain control over his powers and eventually anchor himself in the physical world, regaining sanity. He began to control his visions through meditation and protect himself from the vengeful spirits from beyond. Through this sanity, Morgan grew to hate and one night, escaped the asylum, slaughtering almost everyone inside it (particularly the nuns) and burning it to the ground. He then set out to find the members of the Society that created him, especially when he was made aware of the fact that they are attempting yet again to artificially create a Seventh Son.

Morgan spent many years hunting down the members and at the age of nineteen, he had succeeded. He killed every single one of them, including his own father. His revenge completed, he was left empty and directionless. He began to further his education and master the arts of magic, which his powers left him naturally talented at. He quickly became known as a prodigy of magic, particularly his knowledge and control over the Dark arts. Notably, his ability to resist the powers of demons and devils and use their own forces against them made him a world-class demon hunter and slayer of evil creatures.

This is ultimately where the audience will be introduced to him. Morgan is well known as something of a figure of urban legend and yet is a very real man who's "day job" is working as a magical consultant for various kings/emperors, an exorcist and a slayer of things ranging from vampires to werewolves to succubi to monsters of all kinds. Many travel far to seek his help. He often works with the Felhiggan empire though he is not Felhiggan himself. He is a Valvegan, a race of humans whose homeland of Valvega is currently occupied by the Felhiggans (an occupation Morgan actually supports). Due to Morgan's father being a noble, Morgan does posses land in Valvega and has the boons that accompany it, as well as the responsibilities such as being called to war occasionally,


As the Seventh Son of A Seventh Son, Morgan posses many powers stemming from this as well as a natural affinity for magic. He is one of the few who can cast from many different types of schools, most notably Arcane, Dark magics, druidic magics, alchemy and even healing magic. The powers he gains as a seventh son are as follows:

-Second Sight, which allows a limited view of the past and future and well as the ability to see ghosts, spirits and traces of magic others cannot. This is invaluable to him to solve murders as he can see ghostly remnants of the events leading to someone's death. However, the visions are often vague and require him to meditate and study them to understand them fully.

-Extended lifespan: Morgan seemingly ages far slower than normal men and is likely to live for quite some time.

-Power to heal: Morgan posses the power to heal others and himself magically without the direct use of Clerical magic.

-Werewolf: Morgan is a werewolf, though he can control his transformation to an extent, but usually just chains himself with silver chains on the floor during a full moon. He can also change at will but rarely does so, considering it to be disgusting to become a "foul, flea-ridden stupid mutt". (Bizarrely this is one of the most common powers associated with a seventh son in folklore, go figure)

-Resistance to possession/mind control: Morgan's mind is extremely difficult to dominate, even for powerful devils and demons. While this can be seen as a result of his magical training and strong will, it does seem to be connected to his powers.

-Resistance to Magic: Morgan is difficult to harm with direct spells and seems to posses more constitution than most as he is able to resist mana sickness far beyond what normal men could.

-Increased senses: Morgan has an increased physical senses, though not to any extreme degree, this mostly manifests as having unnaturally quick reflexes.

What must be noted is that Morgan, despite his longer life and power to heal, is NOT immortal. He can be wounded and theoretically killed like any normal man.

Morgan is also a fairly competent physical combatant, but rarely engages in physical fighting. He much prefers bows and crossbows and carries several with him. He possesses an enchanted dagger but only uses it when he needs to. He possesses several miniature crossbows which are his favored weapon. He also carries pistols and occasionally a blunderbuss. He also carries an assortment of alchemist fire (for those who don't know, think Molotov cocktails) and holy water as needed,


Plain and simple, Morgan Shaw is a complete asshole. Sure, he may be one of the worlds greatest heroes, but that doesn't mean he's a nice person to be around. Morgan is arrogant, violent, insulting, confrontational, deliberately offensive, judgmental, uncompromising and can be unimaginably cruel. He views himself as being better than most other wizards and people in general. He speaks his mind whenever he wants and will immediately get in someones face if they dare question a word he says. He is uncompromising in his opinions and is not above using force to injure those he dislikes. He considers the unintelligent to be worthless and considers sword fighting and other tests of physical strength to be beneath him. An example quote:

"Those who live and die by the sword are just too stupid to do anything else"

He is also, as a result of his torturous treatment by nuns and the very real fact that his mother hates him and was a direct force in trying to kill him (even from beyond the grave) has left Morgan very misogynist if not outright gynophobic, he is adamantly homosexual and has no interest in women whatsoever and in fact, due to his powers and sexuality rendering him immune to the powers of succubi, he remains paranoid and mistrustful of women. Not that there aren't women he respects and befriends, however.

With all that said, Morgan is, at his core, a hero. He is someone who sacrifices for others, cleanses the world of very real evil and he never harms innocent people. He honestly does a lot for the people who live on the land he owns in Valvega and will offer his services for free to those who cannot afford to pay him. He knows he's a total dick. He is a man filled to the brim with hate and rage, but will struggle to do the right thing. He will not pursue a villain if it would mean innocents will die as a result.

That's really the reason I like him so much, he is most assuredly anti-hero, hell, he's an outright sociopath at times, but really really wants to be a hero. He wants to do good but he has to deal with a shit-load of his own psychosis and issues to do it. He is very close to being a villain but doesn't want to be. I want to give him a unique character ark in that he will become LESS dark as time goes by as opposed to the usual of a character getting darker and darker.

So that's Morgan Shaw for you!
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