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Supernatural Review: Garth's Back and He Bites

This week's episode of Supernatural was the most-watched episode since 2010 with 2.8 million viewers according to . While this could have possibly had something to do with every other network showing President Obama's State of the Union speech, the Winchesters still know how to reel in the viewers.

But was this the most epic episode that any diehard fan would have cursed themselves for missing? Not so much.

Here are the interesting things to note:Garth is back! After disappearing for six months it turns out that he bungled a job and got bitten by a werewolf. Then he got married to another werewolf and is now a part of her pack.

These werewolves however, are supposedly good and only eat animals.

Sam and Dean run into each other while following up on Garth and decide to both stick around and investigate because of their mutual concern for their friend.

Sam looks a little hurt after finding out that Dean worked with Crowley to get the first blade.

Turns out not all of Garth's spiritual, goody goody pack are pacifists. His mother-in-law is trying to bring about Ragnarok and worships the wolf god Fenrir.

Mother-in-law kidnaps Garth, Bess (Garth's wife who was born a werewolf), and Sam, intending to pin Garth and Bess' murder on the hunter to convince her husband (the leader of their pack) to her way of thinking and kill/eat humans again.

Dean shows up and manages to kill the mother-in-law and her werewolf goons.

Sam and Dean decide to awkwardly work together but Sam withholds his brotherly love because he still has trust issues.

Sam was driving a very nice classic blue muscle car, but ditches it once he and Dean agree to their working relationship to be back in the Impala (aww!).

All in all we knew the boys couldn't stay away from each other, not only because it was easier to burden the bad stuff with the two of them, but because they're family, after all. I was actually surprised that they reunited so quickly, but perhaps hearing about Dean and Crowley showed Sam that Dean was the better of two bad options.

Still, we know that you can't keep the brotherly love on lockdown.

With the spinoff show Supernatural: Tribes pilot being picked up by The CW, fans will surely continue to tune in to get more of the paranormal universe they love. reports that the show will explore the cultures of hunters and monsters in Chicago and is being produced by Andrew Dabb, Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, McG and Jeremy Carver.

Season 9, Episode 12: Sharp Teeth (originally aired January 28, 2014).

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