Sunday, January 26, 2014

NASA's Robot Butler "Robonaut 2Shows Off Prehensile Legs, Is As Terrifying As We Predicted

A few months ago, , the Robonaut 2, was being fitted with Doctor Octopus legs which will probably cause your untimely demise. To prove that all our night terrors about Doc Octonaut have been accurate, put together this compilation of Robonaut's leg actions set to Strauss's "Blue Danube."

The 2.5 million dollar robot has had prehensile legs designed in order to better assist astronauts on the International Space Station, and perhaps even take over some of their duties (like murdering for fun, we can only assume). Did we mention its knees have seven joints which bend in all different directions? Oh, and the legs span over 9 feet, which is more than long enough to crush your tiny, human body.

They've cutely nicknamed Robonaut 2 "the R2 unit," but there is no way you can tell me this dancing leg-monster of doom has anything to do with the best little Astromech droid in the 'verse.

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