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Hot Trends: 'American Horror Story: Coven': Did They

Ryan Murphy loves to put hidden clues in his 'American Horror Story' finales, and it looks like the 'Coven' finale offered up the biggest sneak peek yet! Find out why one crucial word - Balenciaga! - likely gave away the plot of Season 4.

Ryan Murphy already told us that Season 4 of American Horror Story would take place in the 1950 s, and that JESSICA LANGE would need to practice her finest German accent - and now, after "The Seven Wonders," we're pretty sure that we've guessed who she's playing in Season 4! Get the details below. 'American Horror Story: Coven' Finale: Jessica Lange To Play Brigitte H ss?

When the perfect, beautiful flower Myrtle (FRANCES CONROY) was asked to say her final words before her death on the show's Jan. 29 finale, many fans were confused when she chose to scream out, "Balenciaga!"

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Huh? Why on earth would Myrtle choose to yell out the name of a French fashion house before she met her maker? We all knew she loved fashion, but Myrtle always seemed to go for Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dresses more than anything else.

However, there is a possible connection, here - and her name is BRIGITTE H SS. Brigitte was - well, is, since she's still alive - the daughter of the notorious RUDOLF H SS, the commandant of Auschwitz where more than one million Jews were exterminated. Brigitte eventually escaped Nazi Germany and eventually modeled for - you guessed it! - Balenciaga, in the 1950s. After her father was hanged, Brigitte moved to D.C. with her Irish-American husband, and spent 35 years serving the wives of senators and congressmen as manager of one of the city's hottest boutiques.

Now, this all sounds like something straight up AHS' alley. Nazis? Fashion? A glamorous model who was raised by a monster, and hid her secret from the world for decades? Please, tell us what could be more AHS than that. We're not quite sure about the whole age thing - Brigitte was much younger than Lange back in the '50s - but the show has been known to take place in multiple decades, and someone like SARAH PAULSON, LILY RABE, or EMMA ROBERTS could also definitely step into Brigitte's glamorous shoes, while Lange could play some other crucial figure in the model's life. (Her mother, maybe?)

What do you think, Coven fans? Could we be right about Brigitte H ss? Let us know what you think in the comments! - SHAUNNA MURPHYFollow @ShaunnaLMurphy More 'American Horror Story' News:

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