Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Looking on the Bright Side...High Key Paintings

'Winter Warmth'8x10pastel(c)Karen Margulis

After almost five hours in gridlocked Atlanta Snow traffic it's hard to get excited about our snow.Maybe after some hot cocoa and cookies I can look at the bright side.

What did I do for 5 hours in the car in stop and go traffic?I watched the snow.I looked at the colors and shapes of the storm shrouded trees. I felt the quiet of the falling snow even through the beeps of impatient drivers. I watched kids with their sled looking for a place to ride. I even saw a man in shorts wearing a monster hat and angel wings running and waving at all of us stuck in traffic. (wish I had a picture of him!)I saw a wonderful good samaritan out in the road with a garden hoe trying to get cars through the slick spots.

My Subaru took on the icy roads like a champ. I went up the hills that others were sliding down. I was toasty warm and had a pack of cookies so that made it better.It was a long day in the car and I was happy to finally pull into my driveway.Heidi was happy to see me. She really likes the snow!

C'mon mom let's play!

Today's painting is the demo I did for this morning's class (before the snow started)We talked about value and high and low key paintings. This is a high key version of a winter landscape I have painted before. It is 8x10 on Uart 500.
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