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American Horror Story: Coven Review: The Monster in the Closet

I know I'm not a member of the Coven and therefore don't understand all the rules, but why were only the young ladies initially eligible to audition for the role of Supreme on ? I was bummed when the episode opened and both Myrtle and Delia were exempt from performing the seven wonders.

Nonetheless, the seven wonders failed rather miserably, without anyone reigning supreme at the end of the exercise. And that's when Myrtle read my mind and allowed Delia to try out with the rest of the ladies. Yes, it was weird that Delia was looking around with her damaged eyes at various points--she was supposed to be blind. But I was able to overlook that because her participation in the exercise was so exciting.

Once Delia finally took her glorious position as the new Supreme, it was decided that Myrtle had to pay for her sins--again. And as the lead-up up to her stake-burning occurred, I couldn't help but think that yes, , ,and the rest of this amazing cast were stellar this season. But gosh darn ifdoesn't deserve an Emmy for this show just as much as the others do.


With Delia taking a new approach to the Coven, girls with powers started lining up outside of the Academy so they could join the group (where Kyle is the new Spaulding--genius!) But there was a bit of a wrinkle--it would be hard for Delia to be the next Supreme if her mother was still alive, and although Fiona appeared to be hanging on by a thread due to her disease, she was as tough as ever during her surprising return.

It gave me chills when Delia tearfully told Fiona what a terrible mother she was, especially when she said, "You were the monster in all of my closets." And as they hugged (and I wept), Fiona drifted off--to the eternal afterlife she deserved.

The show also had its unbelievably light moments. When the ladies were performing the seven wonders, they had to visit hell, which for Madison involved in being trapped "in a live network version of The Sound of Music." I was laughing so hard I couldn't hear the next few lines. As annoying as Madison has been this season, the writers also gave her another gift when she referred to the Coven as a "jacked up version of Celebrity Rehab."

That's why I'm going to miss this show immeasurably--beyond the mystical and horrifying moments, the series had some of the best acting and most creative storylines on television, mixed in with a little humor and levity. Let's all hope that the next iteration of American Horror Story is just as brilliant as this one was.

Season 3 Episode 13: The Seven Wonders (originally aired on January 29, 2014).

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American Horror Story Coven airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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