Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long Run (27k)

It's destined to be a long, cold, and hard 27k slog out to the Point Abino lighthouse, then out to Sherkston and back through Crystal Beach to Ridgeway again.Yeah, this isn't going to be fun as its bitter cold out (-15 ), windy, slippery, snowing and God knows what else.Yeah, it's going to be a grind for sure but a long distance triathlete has gotta do what a long distance triathletes gotta do, so time to synch up the 'ol apple sack and get 'er done (clickfor today's mantra).Thankfully, I have some good tunes to keep me company and moving through the imminent crappiness, specifically a culled Widespread Panic show from the Irving Plaza in Manhattan, New York (November 19th, 2008) from my personal archives of bootlegs.

The Irving Plaza is a 1,025-person ballroom-style music venue in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. The three-level auditorium has served as a Polish Army veterans' headquarters, a swing music ballroom, a rock venue and has hosted church services as well.It is even featured on the 'Complex City Guide' list of 50 Best Concert Venues of America.On this particular occasion, it played host to a stellar show by the Athens, Georgia jam band monsters and there's some amazing jamming going on here, including some wicked covers of Booker T's 'Green Onions', David Bowie's 'Heroes'which opens the show and Tom Wait's 'Going Out West'to close it out, among others ('Ain't Life Grand'by Joe Walsh, 'Fixin' to Die'by Country Joe2nd best effort for 20k (1:54:46)

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