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Arcane Specials: Top 10 Anime Villains


Hello ladies, peoples, and animals it is I, the Arcane Reviewer! Here to bring you another special. So Phantom review. Now before you say anything, I'll let you know that I was going to watch Phantom. But I ended up watching Steins;Gate and Kara no Kyoukai instead. So instead I've decided to give all of you lovely folks my personal favorite villains in anime. This is my list so if you disagree my choices and feel like you have a better list then by all means share you list to me. Also just to let you guys know, I DID NOT MAKE THAT PICTURE UP ABOVE! I borrowed it from a fellow blogger. His name is Vogiir and you can check him out at the link provided at the bottom. Show him some love because his a cool dude. Also this list will contain spoilers so if you haven't seen the anime that these characters are attached to I recommend that you do before reading this list. Now with all that out of the way let's begin, shall we?


One of the first big villains from the anime classic, Frieza is one of the terrifying villains in anime. He has a special to me and most anime fans seeing as how he was one of the first villains we grew up with. Now even though he has a lot of nostalgic value to him, Frieza is still a really good villain all by himself. I mean the man not only takes over planet after planet but he truly believes that it's the natural order of things! He honestly thinks this is how things should be because he's the strongest so he should get what he wants. Not only that but the man took out an entire planet of crazy strong warriors with one finger. That's pretty damn scary and evil. But that's the reason why we love him. Frieza, not only is he one of the strongest monsters in the universe but he knows it and he'll damn sure flaunt it.


Now I'll be honest here, as much crap as I've talked about Guilty Crown I will say that there is on character that I loved watching and that's this man right here. Makoto is just so much fun to watch as he does some pretty damn villainous deeds through out the show. He does all of these action with a honest to god smile on his face and that is the beauty in his character. Not only does he enjoy being a villain but he knows he's a villain! Everything he does is just so damn over the top and chews every piece of scenery that he's in. If anything, Makoto leaves a lasting impression on the audience you won't be forgetting him anytime soon. Makoto Waltz Segai, the anime Tim Curry!


Now this guy is a badass. You may laugh at his name but you know what? Love Machine don't give a fuck! You think his name is stupid? Well all he has to do is hack into your bank account and publish all you information all over the net for all to see. Who's stupid now? Love Machine is such an awesome villain simply due to the fact that he can and will hack into anything and everything. But most of all his biggest reason for doing all of this is so simple, he loves trolling people. That's pretty much his only reason for doing everything he does in the movie, he just loves causing trouble and chaos for everybody. He doesn't care who you are or what you've done if he can cause misfortune and grief he'll do it. Why? Because it's fun. Love Machine, the ultimate troll.


Okay so if know me you'll know that I do not like Naruto. I've tried to get into it again and again but I for the life of me can't stand it. That being said there is one character that I do love. The first recurring villain in the show is the snake man himself Orochinaru. He's just a nasty, vial, disgusting monster of a man who just love causing pain and anguish to others. One of the best parts to him is that he always has a smile on his face. The man is smiling with everything he does and you just want to smack that evil filled, smug look off his face. He is one the onlyreal villains in Naruto too. Almost all Naruto villains are usually people that turn evil due to misfortune in their life or because society made into a villain. But Orochimaru isn't like that at all. The man seemed like an evil bastered even before he turned evil and he still had that damn smile too. Not only that but he does some nasty stuff with his body in the show and corrupts one of the main characters to follow him. He is what I think of when I think of a villain and I love it. Orochimaru, The smiling snake monster that we all love to hate.


All the way from the Fate series we have the man himself, Kirei Kotomine! Kirei is slimier to Orochimaru in that they love seeing people suffer. But in the case of Kirei is a little different, he loves seeing people suffer because he gets a sense of pleasure from it. He absolutely loves seeing people in not only physical pain but he loves seeing them in emotional pain as well. The man married a woman who was terminally ill because he enjoyed watching her as she was slowly and agonizingly dying from her sickness. Not only that but he cried when she died because he didn't get to kill her himself. You also have the events in Fate/Zero were you see him set up Kariya to be framed as the man who killed the husband of the woman he loved. After which she sends him off the deep end and inadvertently causes Kariya to strangle her. Not only does this almost kill her but she survives with massive brain damage and Kariya just about insane and eventually dies a very sad and painful death. I mean damn that's fucked up and how does Kirei react to this? He absolutely loves it and immediately wants to do it again. This man has no soul. Kirei Kotomine, a priest see your sins as his pleasure.


No. I don't care what anyone says. Light. Is. A. Villain. The man thinks that he should be the god of the new world as soon as he gets the Death Note. He is power hungry and he just doesn't stop there, he wants more power. He's very much willing to let people that haven't done anything wrong die as long as he sees them as a danger to his plans. Light is the text book definition of a power hungry psycho who only sees people as pawns. Even worse is that the man believes that he's doing the right thing. He justifies every horrible thing he does as means to an end. But to top it all off he does something that fans of the show still can't forgive him for. He kills off one of the main characters in the middle of the show. L was pretty much Light's rival through out the show as they kept playing a game of cat chasing mouse. But in the middle of the series actually kills off L. This was a huge shock to fans and is what I fill solidified him as a true villain. Light Yagami, while you're crying over L's death he'll take a potato chip and eat it.


This man is just terrifying. Vicious is a man who doesn't even need to tell you why he's scary. In the show the mere mention of his name is enough to get people afraid. Hell the man doesn't even need a gun to show off how dangerous he is, he just uses a katana to get his point across and he's insanely dangerous with that thing alone. He has history with Spike and knows him better than anyone else which makes him a deadly adversary to our hero. He also has a kickass bird that hangs out on his shoulder. Not only does this make him look cool but that bird is also scary looking too. Simply put, Vicious is played so cool and so toned downed that it makes him stand out more and he ends up leaving a lasting impression with just how cold he is and how ruthless he can be. Vicious, he'll bring a sword to a gun fight and walk out the winner.


If you ever thought you had a bad brother just take a look at Knives right here. He is just a dirty person who disregards human life in favor of his own and tries countless time tries to either turn his brother Vash's beliefs on humanity and trying to save all life or is tries to ruin everything he holds dear and turn his life into a living hell. Knives is the complete opposite of Vash is very single way and what makes him so damn evil is that you feel like he doesn't even care if Vash gets killed. This is made very clear when we see him try to break Vash as a person. He will stop at nothing wipe out the entire human race and he'll anyone who gets in his way. Even if it's his own brother. Knives Millions, even though he shot off Vash's arm he did it out of brotherly love.


Don't be fooled folks. Underneath that cute exterior is a cold, emotionless, calculating creature who will play with your emotions to get what he wants. Now some may say that Kyubey doesn't count as a villain because he doesn't do anything villainous through out the show but I have to disagree. If it wasn't for Kyubey playing on the hearts of all these girls as well as the main cast in Madoka Magica they would all have normal lives. But Kyubey searched for something in their hearts and poked ans yanked at it to the point were they agreed to a contract with this pink-eyed devil. What's even scarier more villainous about Kyubey is that he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. He's simply just gathering energy from these poor girls emotion so that his race can power themselves and he doesn't even see humans as living creatures. He sees them as batteries that will one out live it's use and when that happens he'll move on to the next girl. Kyubey, you can be anrgy at him all you want he'll just see that as potential energy.


This right here ladies, peoples, and animals is the best anime villain in my opinion. Lio is a very simple person to understand really. He had a thing for the main heroin Shiki. But she wasn't interested in him, she thought he was weak and just brushed him off but little did she know that this would led him down a very dark path. Lio became obsessed with Shiki, he tried to show to her that he wasn't weak and started to kill people to prove to her that he wasn't weak. He dressed just like Shiki because she was all he could think about for four long years. He eats all of the people he kills and leave very little for anyone to recognize as a human being. He knows that Shiki's a killer so he tries to push her into taking a human life she refuses. When he sees this he blames it all on one person ans promises that he'll help her cut her ties with him so she can kill. Even though he failed it still doesn't take away the fact that he almost killed the man that Shiki loves all because he believed that he was holding her back. Lio is so horrifying as a villain because he doesn't want rule the world, he doesn't want to enslave or wipe out all of humanity. All he wants to do is make the woman he's obsessed with into a killer and he could care less about the rest of the world. That is what makes him so iconic as a villain, just how completely sick he is. Lio Shirazumi, my personal favorite anime villain of all time.

I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope look forward to next week because that's when we kick off Romance Month here at Arcane Reviews! Until next, take care.

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