Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Forget Starvation and Yoyo Weight

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anon hh04hh interferedh hhy9hh hh04hh hhy4hh hhy5hh and compelled the monster to relinquish his preyh A bearh a wolfh and one or two other wild animalsh played their parts hhy6hh with the discretion hh04hh of Snug hhy7hh the joiner; hh04hh for hhy7hh the decided preference which they gave to the use of their hind legsh was sufficienth without hhy9hh any formal hh04hh annunciationh hhy3hh to hiure hhy7hh the most timorous hh04hh spectators that they had to do with habitual bipedsh There hh04hh was a group hhy5hh of outlaws with hh04hh hhy7hh Robin Hood and Little John at hhy3hh their head17the best representation exhibited at the time; and no great wonderh hh04hh since most of hhy5hh the hhy3hh actors wereh hh04hh by hh04hh professionh the banished men and thieves whom they presentedh Other masqueraders hhy3hh there hhy7hh hh04hh wereh hh04hh hhy9hh of a less marked descriptionh Men were disguised as womenh and women as menchildren wore the dress of aged peopleh and tottered with crutchhsticks in hh04hh hhy3hh hh04hh their handsh furred hhy9hh gowns on hhy4hh their little backsh and caps on their round headswhile hhy6hh grandsires hh04hh hiumed hhy9hh hh04hh the infantine hh04hh tone as well as the dress of childrenh Besides theseh many had their faces paintedh and wore their shirts over the rest of their dress; while hhy5hh hhy6hh hhy6hh hh04hh hhy3hh coloured pasteboard and ribbons furnished out decorations for othersh Those who wanted hh04hh all these hhy8hh propertiesh hhy7hh blacked their hhy4hh facesh hhy7hh and turned their jackets inside out; and thus the transmutation of the whole hiembly into a set hhy3hh hhy3hh hh04hh hh04hh hh04hh of mad grotesque mummersh was at once completedh The pause which the masqueraders madeh waiting apparently for hhy3hh some hh04hh person of the hhy8hh highest authority amongst themh hhy7hh gave those hhy6hh within the Abbey Church full time to observe all these absurditiesh They hhy3hh hh04hh were hhy9hh at no loss to hhy5hh comprehend their hhy7hh purpose and meaningh Few readers can be ignoranth that at an early periodh and during the hh04hh hh04hh plenitude of hh04hh her powerh the Church hhy5hh of Rome not only hh04hh connived ath but even encouragedh such Saturnalian licenses hhy5hh as the inhabitants of Kennaquhair hhy5hh and hh04hh hh04hh the neighbourhood hhy3hh had now in handh and that the vulgarh on such occasionsh were not only permitted hhy5hh hh04hh hh04hh hh04hh hh04hh but encouraged by a number of gambolsh sometimes puerile and ludicroush sometimes immoral and profaneh to indemnify themselves hhy4hh for the privations hh04hh and penances hhy4hh hh04hh hhy9hh imposed on them at other seasonsh Buth of all other topics for burlesque and ridiculeh the rites and ceremonial hhy7hh of the church itself were most frequently resorted hh04hh hhy4hh to; andh strange hhy6hh to hh04hh sayh with the approbation of the clergy themselvesh While the hierarchy flourished in hhy9hh full gloryh hhy7hh they hh04hh hhy6hh hh04hh do not appear to have dreaded the consequences hhy6hh of suffering the hhy6hh people hhy3hh hh04hh hh04hh to become so irreverently familiar with things sacred; they then imagined the laity to be much in the condition of the labourers horseh which does not submit to the hh04hh bridle and hh04hh hhy4hh hh04hh hh04hh the whip with greater reluctanceh becauseh at rare hhy3hh intervalsh he is hh04hh allowed hhy8hh hhy3hh to frolic hhy4hh at large in his pastureh and fling out his heels in clumsy gambols at the master who usually drives hh04hh himh hhy5hh Buth when times hhy9hh changedwhen doubt hh04hh of hh04hh the Roman Catholic doctrineh and hatred of their priesthoodh had h

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