Monday, January 20, 2014


Recently I have seen so many Facebook and Twitter updates with the #100happydays I finally went and investigated.Reading up on it it seems like such a great idea and since I have been severely lacking in my blogging I thought that I would join up.

Day 1

This morning I did NOT feel like getting up.My month long holiday is still haunting me and I am struggling to get into my groove.I have never allowed my three furries to actually spend time on my bed to establish myself as the pack leader, but this morning I needed their love and encouragement so all three were invited for a quick cuddle time with mummy.

Whilst lying with them I realized just how much happiness they have brought into my life and am so grateful to have them.My journey with pets started in 2009 when I adopted Cleo my Siamese.I wanted a pet but the apartment I had at the time did not have a garden hence I decided to adopt a cat.I had never owned a cat and didn't want to raise a kitten so I decided investigate Kitty Haven.I went there the day and said: "I want your oldest cat that you are struggling to adopt out".They took me into a pen and there was the most beautiful Siamese cat I had ever seen.Since watching Lady and the Tramp I have been fascinated by these beautifulblue-eyed wonders and when she climbed onto my lap and started purring it was clear to everybody that we were meant to be.Five years later, my furniture has towels over them due to her constant clawing ruining the upholstery and many a day I have threatened her that she is going to another home because of it but every day I look into her eyes, I hear her calling me when I come home and my heart melts.She is my first born and because I rescued her she will be with me till the end.So if ever you come to my house please understand that my furniture is *&(#-ed but my heart is full.

Then came Caileigh, I had moved into a new Cluster in 2011 which had a big beautiful yard and I started seriously considering getting a dog.Again, I wanted a rescue and preferably an adult.The older animals always struggle to get a home and I wasn't ready to go through the puppy training so for me it was an ideal solution.I started following a lot of rescue organizations and fell in love with a beautiful black pavement special.Good dash of GSD, good dash Labrador and a good dash of WHO THE HELL KNOWS!One problem, the dogs name was Kylie - not cool, quick Irish inspiration and she became Caileigh.I needed something that sounded like her original name to make it easier for her and thought cool, Cleo and Caileigh it works.I soon became her universe, she remains my shadow and follows me around the house.She sulks when I go to work and she is elated when I get home.Her favorite place is next to me.She has truly taught me about unconditional love and I am grateful for this beautiful, loving creature every single day.My home would not be home with out her.For those of you who worry about rescue dogs, Caileigh came from Orange Farm, lived in absolute squalor with no love and very seldom food.Since I had her she has been the MOST obedient, loving, caring dog.Don't let a dogs background put you off, there are some goldmines with diamond hearts out there

Finally came Chuck.Caileigh had her best friend over for a few days (A HUGE GSD) and when he had to go home she went into an absolute depression.I finally realized that it was unfair for her to be home alone all day and decided to get her (and ME) a second dog.Ideally it should be a puppy so that the pecking order is quickly established.Mum, Cleo, Caileigh and puppy.I again searched and trawled the internet and found the most gorgous photo of a puppy dog on Labrador & Golden Retriever website.This little munchkin stole my heart.He was the runt.He had a rough start struggling for food with 12 siblings.He nearly died very early.My heart melted.I did the application and was successful and Charles was mine.However when I met the little monster he had WAY too much personality and became Chuck.

Cleo, Caileigh and Chuck, thank you for the happiness, the waggy tails, the purring, the love and the absolute adoration.

You are my life

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