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2013: A Year In Review

Miley Cyrus:

Good golly Miss Miley.It might be safe to say Miss Cyrus was our queen of controversy in 2013, and not only that but she undeniably solidified her position in pop royalty on a massive scale.It seemed that everywhere you looked last year, whether it be news websites, tabloids, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, everyone was talking about her.Some have said her crazy antics over the past 12 months have been a cry for attention, others say a precisely calculated marketing strategy.Regardless, it's hard if not impossible to deny that Miley is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet right now who, in my opinion, won't be stop anytime soon.

Fall Out Boy:

Lordy lord this was quiet possibly the highlight of my year, the return of my favourite Chicago quartet, Fall Out Boy.In more recent weeks people have been discussing the top secret release of Beyonc 's self titled album.I however have got to say that FOB went above and beyond that.After an almost four year hiatus, Fall Out Boy returned with a vengeance, and took zero prisoners, announcing a brand new album which had been recorded in secret as well as a show the same night they announced their 'reunion' along with a string of shows around the world.I'm still over the moon about FOB return and this is easily one of the best parts of 2013.

One Direction:

Where do you even begin with these guys?World over they're known and loved.Catchy pop tunes, cute faces and seemingly fantastic personalities have got girls and guys world over falling head over heels for the five boys from England and Ireland.While the cute accents may have a little bit to do with it (kidding), 2013 was the year One Direction proved they were here to stay and that they aren't likely to be leaving anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto V:

People waited for months and queued for house for GTA5.This game in particular was the first in the Grand Theft Autofranchise to feature 3 protagonists, and this was a feature that many seemed to love.Many considered this to be the most carefully though out GTA game and without a doubt showed that Rockstar is at the top of their game, and it doesn't seem like this is a fact that is going to be changing anytime soon.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

I have been waiting for this game, and I know I wasn't the only one who spent much of 2013 awaiting trailers or any news from the AC camp.Black Flag, artistically, is a beautiful game and while the storyline (for me at least) was a little confusing at first, I adore this game.And while Edward is no Ezio (he was the first assassin I played as - hush) he has certainly earned his place in the Brotherhood - even though he stole the uniform in the first place.

Big Brother:

I don't know about other countries, but here in Australia Big Brother was a massive hit in 2013.With all the drama and romance and bromance and feuding, millions tuned in and watched intently.While I personally never actually watched a full episode of the most recent series, I was kept up to date with who was kissing who and inner house relationships by a number of my friends.Even after the show finished, the housemates were splashed across the front covers of tabloids and featuring of a variety of Australian TV shows.As far as Australia goes, Big Brother was one of the biggest TV hits of 2013.

Breaking Bad:

While I haven't actually sat down to watch a single episode of Breaking Bad yet (remind me to get around to that) it was certainly one show that captured viewers the world around.Whether it be the rush viewers got from watching the growth of a meth empire or the apparent dark humour which was evident, something or perhaps a number of somethings came together to make this one of 2013's biggest success stories.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

What really needs to be said about the Hunger Games?It's quite possibly one of the biggest and most successful movie franchises of the 21st century if not ever, and it has become so massive in only a few short years.As a standalone film Catching Fire was brilliant, the film itself stayed rather true to its book roots which only amplified its success, even if some parts of the film were confusing for those who had never read the novels.The Hunger Games has made stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson household names, and rightfully so.Their standout performances as Katniss and Peeta respectively have earned them their places in Hollywood and proved just how brilliant they are as actors.

Monsters Inc. University:

My inner child and perhaps even my actual teenager personality got a lil' emotional when I heard about Monsters Inc. University, and I got even more emotional when I watched the film.I think the reason this film succeeds so well with teenagers and young adults is that we had grown up with the first Monsters Inc. and the second grew with us.Aspects of the film reflected where we were in our lives so many years later after the first film, we connected with the characters on a whole new level and it's no surprise that it was one of the highest grossing films of 2013.

Other notable mentions include:

Katy Perry, Beyonc , Lorde, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Great Gatsby, Gravity.

2013 was an insane year, not only for those listed above but also for myself.2014 so far appears to be equally crazy in camp Jordan, this year I finish college, start applying to universities and perhaps - most terrifying of all - I will legally be considered and adult as of October 9.This year is going to be crazy, and I plan on documenting the best parts of it in my life.

is a link to my YouTube channel which has previously been a little boring and lacking in activity, however I plan to upload vlogs perhaps once a month, maybe twice if something particularly exciting happens.Essentially this is my new years resolution and I figure putting that resolution on the internet will help me to keep it.So if you'd like, go ahead and subscribe, I expect the first vlog will be up in the next two to three weeks.

All the best wishes for 2014 guys,

Jordan xoxo
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