Thursday, January 2, 2014


January 1st is already coming to a close, and tomorrow I'll be taking my partner back to the airport. His workplace wasn't as lenient as mine, so he arrived in NC 10 days after me. I feel sad, because I know it's going to be so quiet and still in the flat back in the UK. No animals, no mild, sunny winter days, anda hell of a lot of walking awaits me. I don't really mind the last part, but it's getting used to the lack of furry friends and persistent rain that keeps going until mid-spring.

While tonight is his last night, I leave a day after he does because we weren't able to get the same flight back to the UK. The flight coming over this time was exponentially more expensive this time around, even though I bought my ticket in early September. It was insane because usually I spend about $800 (or EUR500) for a round-trip ticket between NC to Gatwick (direct) but this time it was EUR800 (about $1300) round-trip from Heathrow to NC. The prices seem to only escalate after that, and poor Tom spent almost EUR1000 for his ticket with even less time than me.

Anyway, New Years Eve was spent driving to Asheville with my brother, his girlfriend and my partner...then we came back for dinner with my mom and her friends. My mom's friend, A, was drunk by 7 and then started his routine Spanglish by trying to convey the question to my brother and his girlfriend on "if they were carrying a bambino," which followed with confused expressions from my brother and a mortified stare from his poor girlfriend. This is probably due to my mom's complaints of his girlfriend "living" in the house while she works 24 hour shifts with her patient.

After A's drunkenness was made apparent, B and my partner began to talk about real estate and how horrible people from NJ were, and how they were boldly infiltrating the real estate market in the south-east. Unfortunately, B always forgets that my family hails from DE but nevermind.

At 12, me, my partner, brother & his girlfriend sat around flipping between Beyonce World Tour, Back to the Future 3 and NYE Countdown with Mario Lopez and random drunk people trying to be famous.Once the clock struck 12, mindless "dance" music was played while "DJs" spaztically threw their hands to be cooler than the cool people on the lower level of the dance floor and women scantily clad in unknown materials gyrated on metal poles.

So that was NYE from a couch potatoes view, but NY Day was equally as uneventful because partner developed an ear infection and my dad's lady friend suffered bouts of bad arthritis. We ate pizza, discussed Edward Snowden and becoming a fugitive. To end my night, I've been toiling relentlessly with developing my portfolio for graphic design, with no real milestone met. My partner and my brother watched "Mountain Monsters" and debated the "realness" of "devil dogs" and "wompus beasts."

Tomorrow, I'm going to play with my dog Scruff since I bought him a new ball with a ninja turtle pattern. Hopefully he won't burst it within the first 2 minutes. Basically, I'm just going to spend tomorrow making the best of being home and off work before I have to go back and face the chicken coop/work place.
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