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33 and 34 Months!

Well, my dear, I got a little behind on this month's post, so I figured I would just recap the last two months in one post (sorry!).So, I apologize because this is A LOT of stuff! It took me a few hours just to go through pictures from the last two months and I still managed to have hundreds to include!!!I am going to try better to stay on top of stuff moving forward. I may have to do bi-weekly updates because I just take too many pictures of you and your sister and it's hard to organize them all in time to do the monthly updates! Anyway, I CANNOT believe that in two short months, I am going to have a three year old. I know I say this often (too much!), but where the heck is the time going??!!

OK, back on track, here is a rundown of the fun we had these past two months - brace yourself, this is A LOT of information!

* You are in 4T stuff now. You still wear 3T pants and some shirts, but I pretty much only buy 4T stuff now. I measured you a month or so ago and you were about 40 inches, which means you definitely had a growth spurt. I need to try again to confirm this!

* You still wear night night undies (pull ups), but we are slowly working on wearing underwear at night.

* You are still pretty attached to your plug...we are creeping up on the 3rd birthday, which is when I said we would just quit cold turkey. Funny that as it gets closer, I waiver more and more on that whole cold turkey thing :).

* You continue to amaze us all with your understanding of concepts, vocabulary, emotions, etc. We are so impressed at the way you connect things sometimes (e.g., when you were eating breakfast, you saw an Elmo book that you wanted to read when you were finished. When you got down from your chair awhile later, you couldn't find the book. You said, "I need to get in my chair so I can see where I saw the book". Wow. Your daddy and I were very impressed that you knew to go back to the place where you saw it originally to see if it would trigger something.

* I have said it a million times, but you have an amazing memory. It's also very random, but you will out of nowhere bring up things that just amaze me and others. You started talking to me about wanting to go play with the monkey at Sarah's house...when I asked who you were talking about, you said, "Sarah, who takes our pictures, Mommy!". It had been over 2 months since we had been there, so I was pretty impressed!

* In Kindermusik, we always sing the Hello song and the kids have to pick a way to say hello. Last year, you always wanted to run...this year, you are SO creative! You wanted to "Fly to the Moon" hello one week and the next, you wanted to say "ello Govna"...haha! This was because Daddy taught you to say this and you two had been saying it a lot leading up to that music class. But, the teacher and all the parents got a real kick out of this!!* We have nightly dance parties before we read books and go to is awesome! For some reason, you like to throw all of your animals in the middle of the room and then we basically run around in circles...good exercise!! You listen to Poker Face with Mommy and usually the Black Keys with Daddy!* Because of the dance parties, the reading of books kind of got neglected...but, some of the favorites were Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel (this was one you read with Daddy), the Disney book of Christmas Stories (my favorite!), Otis books and the Polar Express.

* The Dr. Seuss Matching Game that you got for Christmas last year has been revived and you love playing it. The best is when you make a match, you yell "I MADE A MATCH" in this adorable high pitched squeal!* Some weekends, just you and I will go to the grocery store - mommy/son time! You are always so fun because you get so excited about things - especially with all the Thanksgiving and then Christmas decor!* Now that the basement is cleared out of all my clutter (thanks Daddy!) and we put a huge rug on the back half of the room, we transferred a good majority of your toys down there and you absolutely LOVE being down there. We got a heater down there and we all love playing down there now. Your Daddy did such a good job of making that basement a great place to be!

* We celebrated Braden's birthday with a party at Chuck E Cheese and his house. You had a blast at CEC and then his house party was the day of the tornado, so there was no kids had an awesome time running around in the dark!

* CEC:

* CEC:

* Singing Happy Birthday:

* You love to build pyramids, volcanoes and towers with the couch cushions in the basement. You are so fun and imaginative and you keep me a kid at heart :).* You also love to play zoo with the animal paper plates from Gma Debbie and Ray's house. You and Gma Kim have a great time with that!

* You call Ray your best buddy - it's pretty darn cute!

* Ray takes you to the Vet when he has to get Roshi's nails clipped. You love visiting with Brandy and even told her you loved her to the moon and back...melt! The last time you went when Ray was checking out, you told him, "Hey Ray, you can't pay yet. I didn't get my sticker!".

* You love to bring your stool into your sister's room, so that you can help me get her changed and dressed. It's so cute. You also love to help me unswaddle her in the morning so that you can say, "you're freeeeeee!".

* We started doing the name game song (banana fana) and it is amazing how quickly you learned it and started doing it on your own...we are talking maybe a day or two after we started it! We all do it all of the time and it's so funny, albeit slightly annoying because none of us can ever get it out of our heads!

* You are still loving school!

* The nights that I do bed time with you, we will rock and look at the shadow bed on your were the one that first noticed it and now we have to examine it each night. Then we look at your letters on the wall and then the pictures of you. We tease each other and when one of us asks what the letter is, we always say a different one. And, then when you ask me who the picture is, I will always say some other people before I say Jameson. Pretty cute!Then after awhile when I ask if you are ready to get in bed, you always say, "not yet" and we rock some more!

* You also ask me to sing "the sunshine song" every night and now you sing it with me too! So precious.

* Phineas and Ferb has become a household favorite - you always call Dr. Doofenschmirtz "daddy's favorite show"! You also used to sing, "Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it onnnn" instead of "all". It was funny to see you correct yourself after a little bit and now you have the whole song memorized!!

* Every meal is's pretty funny! You will sometimes say lunch and breakfast, but a lot of times, you just ask "is my dinner ready" no matter what meal it is!

* You went from not wanting me to ever leave you to telling me to go back to work when I come to pick you up when you are at Gma and Ray's or when you are at home with Gma Kim and I come home! You say it to Daddy too. You aren't saying it meanly, you just don't want to leave!

* Sesame Street Live came to Bloomington, so I decided to surprise you and take you (since it was on a Wed!). I woke you up and told you that we were going and your response was, "no, I want to go to Gma and Ray's", lol! But, after a few minutes, you got really excited, plus we got to spend the day with Liz and Will, which was super fun.

* Whenever you see a Nutcracker, you sing the Nutcracker song (I can't think of the name, but we all know what I mean!). It's too funny!

* You LOVED to see the Christmas decorations when we drove around - you get so excited and squeal. Especially when you would see a Baby Jesus - hilarious!

* There was also a huge, ugly inflatable rat outside one of the hotels that was being demolished - some workers were on strike. Anyway, we had to go see that rat a lot because you requested to go!

* You got a Ninja type hat/face mask for the cold weather and you think it's the coolest thing!

* You got another haircut - you are a pro now! You love to play with the clips and the trimmer and then I think your favorite part is helping Kyle sweep the hair into the suction thingy!

* You have really started to figure us out and bribery is losing its appeal! We used to be able to say, "it's OK if you don't eat your dinner, but you can't watch a cartoon before bed". You used to eat it right away and now sometimes you just flat out say, "OK" and get down from your chair!

* When you get mad about something or at something, you always tell us you want to throw it away - if you are playing with a toy and get upset for some reason, it's always, "I'm going to throw this away" in a whiny voice. You have yet to throw a toy away! But, you have ripped apart a craft or drawing that you made and tossed it. Made me sad, but I just let you do your thing.

* We experienced lots of crazy weather - you experienced your first real tornado scare. We had a huge snowfall and you loved playing outside. And, then we experienced another huge snowfall with -45 wind chill temps!!

* You continue to amaze me and melt my heart with how good you are with your sister. She just lights up when she sees you and that's because you take such good care of her and love her so much. You tell me "I'll keep her" and "she's amazing, isn't she?" and even "that's my cute little Gwendolynnie". Aww, you are too much sometimes!!!Vocab funnies!

* You went through a phase where when something was your favorite, you would say "my best " instead of "my favorite ". For example, you have a stuffed Boo doll from Monsters, Inc. and you told me one day that "I love Boo. She's my best girl". Or that's my best one. It's so cute!

* You are also adding an "a-dee" or "a-nee" to everything! Hard to write that one out, but for example, I am Mommadee or Mommanee. Or you and Daddy always say " thumbs up, frogadee" because there is a frog on the wipes container with his thumb up. And, sometimes you just add an "E" sound to the end of everything "Bradenee". Cracks us up!

* "Kinkee" or Keekee". I am not sure what this is. For awhile I thought maybe you had an imaginary friend named this because you would say almost as if you were talking to someone! You don't do it anymore, so maybe it was just fun to say, lol!

* Jameson: "You're my mommy so you can't get angry."

Mommy: "Hmm, where'd you hear that?"

Jameson: "From me, back here in the seat!". LOL!

* Mommy: "Jameson, so you know that I love you so much it hurts?"

Jameson: "Huh? What hurts?"

Mommy: "Good question. I guess maybe my heart because I love you so much it might burst."

Jameson: "Oh. I'll kiss it and make it feel better". Oh my goodness, my heart melted into a puddle! * "I don't know how" - we hear this a lot now! When we tell you to stop doing something or that you shouldn't be doing something, your response will be this sometimes...even when you know exactly how to stop!

* "When you turn into a little baby" or "when you get little". You are so funny and sometimes will say, "when I turn into a little baby, I will be able to (fill in the blank)". Another example: "when you get little, you can go to school and your teacher will give We always explain that none of us will even be a little baby again and you seem to smile and move on you a cookie!".

* You still make the "humphhh" noise when you are exasperated!* We refer to many things as "stinker" when the sun was really bright one day, you said, "that stinker sun is out and in my eyes". Ha! When Gwendolyn throws her toys off of the high chair or wakes up early from a nap, you always say, "that stinker sister".

* "Nopey" - I think you picked this up from Ray! It's pretty cute when you respond with this instead of a standard "No".

* "I know what I must do. Oh wow, this is harder than I thought". I about died when you said this - we were playing in the basement and one of the balls from the ball pit rolled way under the couch and this is what you said in response to having to get it out!

* "That's a naughty word. We don't say that" - in response to when you heard someone say "butt" on TV!

* "Mommy, that was brave" - when you jumped off of your bed.

* "That cracked me up!" - when you kicked over all of your little bears. Just hilarious since they went EVERYWHERE :).

* "I'm sneaky, Mommy" - as you hide behind Daddy!

* "Let's go to the toy room, girls" - you were talking to Gma Debbie, Gwendolyn and Madison. It was so adorable!

* "Heeyyyyyy, I've got an idea" - you get so excited when you think of something new to play/do. I love it!

* Jameson: "oh, my nose is running"

Mommy: "do you need a tissue?"

Jameson: "No, it's just a little running. Not a lot". * "Mommy, I want to keep you forever" - as you squeeze me and kiss me. Melt.

* "We are going to keep Grandma forever" - Gma Kim watched you all day one Friday and then all night because we had Mommy's work Christmas party. When I told you that Gma was staying that night, you responded that you were going to keep her forver!

* Daddy: "I want to drink you" (we were joking about what to have to drink for dinner)

Jameson: "No, you can't. I am just a kid". LOL!* "That's weird" - after you put on my chapstick. Haha!

* "in a long time" - you will say this if you haven't done something for awhile, which is pretty impressive! You said you wanted a cookie with sprinkles because you hadn't had one in a long time!

* When you saw an ornament that I had put both you and Gwendolyn's picture in,you said, "awwww, mommy, that's so nice of you to do these pictures here". So cute!

* "I don't know what to do with you kid!" - You kept saying this to your giraffe after you heard me say it to Gwendolyn one evening. Hilarious!

* Just another "millllshaaaaake" video because I think it's hilarious (and so does Ray because he always sends them to me!)* "Wow Gwendolyn, you look like an angel" - you told her this when you saw her in her baptism dress. You are just the sweetest!!!!!


Playing with Roshi's house thing!

Just doing some light reading on your shark container!

Dance party with Daddy!

This was the night after my first day back to work after Maternity Leave.

I did not want to let you go!!

Always prepared with the drinks.

Sir Jameson!

G's new quilt from Kathy! They both love it!

She fixates on him.

Playing the matching game on the carpet!

Braden's bday party!

Hanging with Madison and some random kid!

Aww, giving Gma Debbie hugs!

Hanging out at the library on Mommy's day off!

Haha!! Such a ladies' man!

Jameson: "wakey wakey sweet sister, it snowed!!!"

Eating a snow cone at Gma Debbie and Ray's!

Snuggling with Gma Kim!

More kisses!

Hanging out in the basement bathroom while the tornado sirens went off!

Blowing raspberries!

Sleeping with everything but the kitchen sink at Gma and Ray's!

Hanging with the cousins!

Everyone has a plug or a thumb!


Braden got to come pick you up from school with Ray one day just like

you used to do when he was in school - you thought it was the greatest thing!!

Sword fight turned tickle fight!

Dance party with a pull-up on the head and animals everywhere = tons of fun!

Sesame Street Live!

Hanging with Will!

These two are too cute!

We might have a slight case of OCD with this kid!

Always has to line up things!

Hugging the reindeer at the grocery store.

He may have convinced me to buy it for him!

And, Lynne may have been there too and bought Santa for him!!

Hanging out!

Going to take a little walk in the brisk weather!

Taylor get together in Gibson City!

Watching the parade in the car!

Snuggles with his "best buddy".

His ninja hat/mask!

Snuggles with Mommy!

Time to decorate the tree!!

He loved his baby ornament!

So cute!

Always giving her kisses!

I LOVE MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He apparently thinks this is how you wear Gwendolyn's tutu!

Go Colts!

Another picture of him sleeping with the entire house at Gma and Ray's!

He liked his felt tree again this year!

Snuggling on my lunch break! Watching Phineas and Ferb!

Playing the Simpson's game - we really just play with the characters!

Pile up on Daddy!

"Look at me, I'm Ray!"

Getting ready to go play in the snow!

Daddy and his snow babies!

Building a snowman!

Jameson and Daddy snow angels!

Jameson wanted the snowman to have blue eyes! So, Darin froze blue water and voila!

Back inside where it's warm and eating some snow!


"I am sorry you got shots, sister. I will kiss it and make it better, Gwendolynnie".

Hmm, I don't think he fits!

Wearing Ray's gloves!

Little Drummer boy!

Hanging up the ornament he made at school!

Playing Star Wars in the basement. He was Vader and I was Anakin!

She LOVES her big bro, lol!

I just adore this picture!! This was G's baptism.

Reunited with his future love!

Giving Mommy a ponytail!

LOL, that face!

Playing with his new castle that he got from Santa!

And, wearing his new hat!


More snuggles, more ear rubbing!

This the Ray baby according to J because it doesn't have any hair.

Ray him where his hair went and he said it went to Jonah's house. Lol.

Being silly while rocking!

Not sure it's OK to be jealous of your almost 3 year old, but man, those lashes!!

Touchdown COLTS!!!!!!!!!!

Watching a movie on our Snowed In Day!

Love how the little curls come out every now and then!

Eating MLiz and Cora; Kristy and Jonah; Emily and Cameron and Lucy.

Then Kelly and Lea joined us in 2013!

Two peas in a pod!

Snow ice cream was a hit!!

And, now, the Jameson and Gwendolyn show!!

His faces crack me up!

Helping me get her changed while standing on his stool!

Just chilling in sister's bed!

"I want to hold her. OK, I am done, get her off". LOL!!!

Two peas in a pod!

This is too funny!

First bath together was a success! She was so happy to see him!!

And, of course, the sleeping pictures with buddy, Ming Ming!!
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