Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All Your Superior Spider-Man #25 Spoilers In One Place

So there are spoilers going in. Big honking ones. Admittedly, possibly only the ones you've read at the New York Post, or whatever, but we're doing a timeline here. Possibly for those of you who had given up on Spider-Man - consider this your way back in.

So, Peter Parker had his mind swapped with Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus.

And then was revived. . And Doctor Octopus took over Spider-Man - and Peter Parker's - life. And even tried to live up to it.

Except he hung around inside Otto's head like some kind of ghostly spirit, or manifestation of his surviving personality.

So Otto got rid of him, permanently.

And it left a more monstrous Superios Spider-Man behind.

It even made it into the Big Bang Theory.

Except, he was still there under the mental rubble. When Otto needed to remember something from Peter's life, we saw this

And today, in Superior Spider-Man #25? Well we were told this weekend that he was on the way back, and so it is. He was just, you know, hiding out.

And he's gone back into hiding.

But by April, he'll be back in a morephysical way.

By the way, do notice how Humberto Ramos draws Otto's physical form. Still Spider-Man, just without the bounce, even with Venom gone, the small head, the wide shoulders, the long stretched torso, he's a monster .

Superior Spider-Man is published today by Marvel Comics. Comics courtesy of , who are today holding a Miracleman signing with artist and co-writer GARRY LEACH from 5pm.
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