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Arrow Review Episode 2 10 "Blast Radius"


Arrow isn't just one of the best shows on the CW Network, but is quickly becoming of of the best on television. Period. The Green vigilante and his crew have returned to protecting Starling City from all those who would love to see it destroyed by crime, but their dynamics are quickly changing. Now that Felicity's affections may have another target, Oliver's green-eyed monster is amped up on steroids. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle's bond needs to be stronger than ever now that Sebastian Blood is on the verge of taking over the city. With Oliver and other influential people behind him, Blood may end up being the next Mayor. Meanwhile, Oliver isn't the only one with secrets that keep being revealed. Roy's newfound strength hasn't gone unnoticed by Thea, and it's just a matter of time before Thea gets hip to her brother's nightly activities.

"I DON'T KNOW WHY CYRUS KILLED YOUR FATHER'S PARTNER THAT DAY, ALL I KNOW IS HE TOOK A VERY FRIGHTENED BOY AND HELPED HIM TALK AGAIN." Sebastian Blood is charismatic, well-spoken and attractive, but his charms haven't been enough to squelch Laurel's investigative instincts. Finally, Laurel Lance is being useful. After several dates, Laurel finds Sebastian strange and has been looking into his background. Not only does she uncover Blood's relationship with Cyrus Gold, but discovers his mother is really alive and possibly forcibly institutionalized in a mental institution. Blood's mother issues a chilling warning to Laurel, "Don't trust what he says. You can't trust Sebastian Blood," may end up unmasking Sebastian as a villain, but will most likely make Laurel a damsel in distress. While I believe Laurel is getting in way over her head, I also find her investigation to be a welcome addition to the second half of the season. More importantly, now that Quentin has asked the Arrow to investigate the police, I have a feeling the Man and Green and Laurel will be partnering up very soon.

"This city needs to come together, and I need to show them how."

"IS THIS HOW IT'S GOING TO BE WITH YOU TWO FROM NOW ON?" One of the best things about Arrow is the show's continuity. The introduction of Barry Allen and his accident could have easily been ignored when the series returned, but it wasn't. Having Felicity still sitting by Barry's side while he lingered in a coma was a nice touch, and it allowed Oliver to realize how much a part of the team Felicity has become. It also managed to bring out his jealous side, which Diggle called him on. When Barry was in town, Oliver could easily pretend his annoyance had to do with Barry learning his secret, but now that Barry and Felicity weren't around as an excuse, it was obvious that Oliver's feelings for Felicity go beyond just friendship. Ollicity may not be happening soon, but it is going to happen eventually, and the wait is worth it.

Felicity: So does that mean that I have a shot at Employee of the Month?

Oliver: No, you're not my employee. You're my partner.

THE MOVEMENTRoy's learning what his new abilities entail. So far, Roy has only the physical effects from the Mirakuru serum, but if Oliver's island adventure flashbacks with Slade are an indication, Roy's in for some hard times. On the island Sara Lance informed Oliver that the Mirakuru serum affects its survivors physically or mentally. Slade Wilson has a few screws loose, so it's obvious how the serum has affected him. Now that Thea has noticed Roy's new super strength, she's in on his secret. It's previously been teased that Barry won't be the last to discover Oliver's secret this season, so my money is on Roy and Thea learning the truth. Roy has seen first hand what the serum does, and I doubt he's willing to stand-by and watch his baby sister's heart break because Roy ends up following in Slade's footsteps. Once Roy and/or Thea join Team Arrow, Oliver really will have the force he needs to take on Starling City's criminal element. But will it be enough to take on Slade and Brother Blood?

Last season Oliver battled a family friend with a warped sense of justice. This year he has two foes: One is an old friend who Oliver believes he's betrayed, and the other is a new friend Oliver believes he can trust. When Oliver realizes who he's been battling, he's going to need all the help he can get. Now that the series has introduced the idea of superpowers, Oliver will need Roy's super-strength to help him fight the criminal element. Oliver has done a lot for the city, but the criminals are now in the know about the vigilante and how he operates, as evident by the additional steps this episode's Villain of the Week took to escape Oliver's grasp.


*Moira doesn't trust Sebastian. What about him rubs her the wrong way, or as usual does she have inside information that we have yet to learn?

*When will we see Barry again? Could Felicity end up spending more time with him once the spin-off airs?

*Will Roy only be affected physically from Mirakuru or could he slowly become insane?

*How long will it take Sebastian to figure out Laurel's investigating him?

*"Sure you want me doing this? My head might not really be in the game."

*Oliver: "I'm sorry."

Felicity: "Were you apologizing to me or to your quiver?"

Oliver: "I didn't snap at my quiver."

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