Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Awesomely Bad Movies Steps All Over the FORBIDDEN WORLD

Hello, people who are awesome and enjoy comedy! I'm back with another episode of , the YouTube show in which I take aim at the most ridiculous and absurd genre movies ever watched or leered at. And leering is a very apt word for today's movie, Forbidden World from 1982. It's one of a handful of Alien ripoffs to come about in the early '80s, but this one certainly stands out for having the worst-looking alien creature but the most lurid and unnecessary sex scenes. They take up most of the movie, and it's only an hour-twenty.

For more of me doing this thing, check out and subscribe to 's channel on them there internets. And hey! Here's me also making fun of a movie about giant killer bunny rabbits, Night of the Lepus, at the end of which I have a monster mandolin solo.

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