Friday, January 10, 2014

Back San Juan again

Sal vador, DR, usA 3: 2 in DR: SD , cafta de DR, 30-40%, 2 ves

All right flight back home finally!!!Yes the class is so simple but not for R, as a born El Salvador he dances bad so I was taking what I offered dancing with him in the evening which is kind of hard! Something funny about it as most locals here dance like oven with it! Saw some good dancers and might some Chinese also not sure what they so! The band came finally which is very good and I was one side finding hard to enjoy dance with R also tired so did not stay too long!It was a bit weird to sleep on one bed with a young guy but he fell into deep sleep quick and I insist not using air conditioning which runs like a monster! Like the place as a few clean bathroom to use and nobody get up too early!I had a few calls with tommy not much to say actually which is the thing with him, he has not much thing exciting either! I am happy I had a good run around El Morro in the morning and also seeing crucero arrived with big American tourists queuing for tours! Luckily I am not with them!The paseo under the Morro is also a fun run and find San Juan is charming again! Like the caf s around city and some good food also! Monfongo basically!Managed to get another private room in hostel and went to art cafe for breakfast! The owner is there and has a cafe farm again I interested in taking to him if want to export to china! Of course he said he was doing to stop business with Japan so doing business with me is good! I guess he means china and Japan is pretty same thing....R is asking me what is cappuccino!? I know I am a bitch but just find this interesting!We pretty tired of talking to each other so we separate for our own itinerary I was enjoying my cracker way to Christopher Castillo and yes it is nice view and strong built but nothing special about it I see enough morros even the ones in Havana and Santiago! Can u imagine! Back to the town happens the fruita frutti kiosk is opening I really did not miss anything! A guanabana ice bar is wonderful! El Morro is impressive with 6 layers and every of it is more less the same view! Ok I was suffering from pain on my right foot toes and swollen ankles which has no clue where I got it! I do start having a bit anxiety as email is not working and in process of preparing 16th event! Well all go well and I did fantasy the idea of owning the hostel in culebra and did talk with tommy who is not progressing of course! Going to be a test for my patience with him, good let us take it! I have three guests at home and the Pu is coming on 1st Feb. For two months in Washington! Morgan is coming tomorrow and a few events in jan. Seem busy with the time back to the city finally and also my new venture now: job, nutrition company, wellness center and hostel!!! All right good to see what can be further developed and good to have Morgan reminding me never settle on good life! Start to have some drinks here and there like yesterday was a bit bored and also painful with my foot, enjoying the platano chips in the terrace, then a wonderful yuca monfongo in restaurant then a coquito in the same spot with a coconut biscuit, then nothing else to do back hostel to check in and see R is drinking off his rum there! Was a bit restless even so much pain with my foot and not sure exactly time victor is coming so entertaining myself with some auto machine peanut butter cookie and superficial fruit jelly! Can be regretful for sure!Did not want to let night go like this so find an old group gathering together for music but first get myself some authentic tres leche which have not got at all this trip...,yes do not miss anything fun!The tres leche is amazing soft rich and unhealthy so I finish it with good satisfactory but not the wine which Victor has it...the old school group is amazing with their local small instrument led by a old woman who has this dry and hoarse voice and sing so beautifully with imperfect voice! They all like me to be part of it and I love this type of random parranda and try everything there, they feed me with drinks and snack! I was touched by the friendship and how they enjoy their life in whatever stage and wish me have the same happiness! Thinking about my EMBA and frank as well....
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