Friday, January 10, 2014

Bit Of A Nothing Week

This week has been a bit of a nothing week if I'm honest, and by that I mean I've actually done very little, however as a weekly wrap-up is something I've decided I'm going to do I'll make every little thing I've done sound like a big deal so this blog post consists of more than three lines.

So I started the week ill. Four days into 2014 and I was suffering with mild flu/a bad cold depending on how much of a hypochondriac I was feeling when I was telling people I was ill. Therefore I spent the first half of the week in bed, in the bath or asleep. I did wander down to the seafront both Sunday and Monday to have a look at the waves as Britain was rampaged by freak wind and rain. The sea air probably did me some good, probably, not definitely, not 100% convinced.

Now Christmas is over and eating half a tub of Quality Street followed by a tube of pringles is no longer an acceptable diet I've been back on the healthy eating. I recently discovered smoothie bowls and I'm addicted. They're so easy to make, really filling and really healthy. Basically it's a smoothie in a bowl topped with granola, nuts and fruit of your choice. Green tea has been back on the menu again, however I find the taste of it on it's own a bit yuck so I add a slice of lemon to drown the taste of the green tea. I've also been looking after my skin a bit better. Once I'm in Australia I'm going to be wearing as little make up as possible so I want my skin to be super clear and even as possible therefore I've been wearing no make-up as many days as possible this week. In fact I've only worn it once, when I journeyed into Brighton very over tired and without concealer I could have been mistaken for Frankenstein's monster. I have definitely noticed a difference already and will continue with less to no make up right up until leaving unless it's essential, but expect a blog post on my affordable skin care products in the near future.

I've also been planning ahead a lot this week. I've been filling up my leather bound notebook with blog post ideas a plenty, never wanting to be out of ideas or for content to be poor due to a rushed midnight post on my phone. I've also been doing quite a bit of preparing for the start of my course the week after next. I've been doing a lot of shorthand practice, I officially know the alphabet in shorthand but am still not convinced that dictaphone would be easier than shorthand. I've also been reading the odd bit from 'Law for Journalists' when not reading my pick from my 'before Aus reading list', 'Muddle Earth.' Both have had me intrigued, obviously for other reasons and I'm really looking forward to actually learning something about the law.

Most excitingly my tickets for Australia arrived this week. It all got very realy, I squealed a bit, then cried a bit then fell asleep because I was still ill. For a more detailed, less piecey, account of the tickets arrival check my .

As well as this at the beginning of the week I made a post essentially outlining a plan to overthink things less and therefore worry less and be less anxious. Overall I think I've done pretty well with it this week. Apart from Tuesday when, for some reason I can't pin down, I had a mini freak out, I haven't really got myself worked up. When I feel myself beginning to get anxious or worried I've been sitting down, breathing and re-analysing the situation telling myself that it's nothing to get worked up about it and finding a solution. As a result I've been feeling less groggy and a lot happier which is a positive all round. Jack has also noticed the change which I'm pleased about.

So a bit of a nothing week, but I set out to do all the things I wanted and so therefore in my eyes the second week of 2014 was a good and positive one.

So until Monday, keep positive and happy.
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