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1) Thanks for doing this interview,You ever have down time between projects ?

Nope.. I don't normally have much off time. Normally have a job as soon as I wrap the one I am working on. Sometimes I am shooting one while I prep one.

2) Did a couple series on tv,How is it different than films ?

For the way I approach it with my team. There isn't a difference. The only big thing is getting notes from the network. Otherwise same deal. They are both fun.

3) What are you willing to say about REPTISAURUS ? Is lost film ?

Very first full length film I ever directed. It has been released. I actually have a couple foreign copies of it. I don't think it ever made it to the states. Another fun one. I watched it recently, very happy with my progression as a director/film maker

4) One Sentence Descriptions - Richard Grieco-Amazing,,Richard Hatch-Hip,Carmen Electra-Sexy,Fred Olen Ray-Teacher and Gerald Webb-Charismatic.

5) BEST of 'C-Ray' ON/Off set ?

ON- depends on who you talk to for both these answers and what job I have. There are people that will work with me if I am directing but not if I am producing. All in all I just want to make sure I do the best to take care of the crew. On these Indy films most positions are not being paid a ton. So out of respect I try and keep it to a 12 hour day.

6) WORST of 'C-Ray' ON/Off set ?

I think the worse thing about me is the fact that I am prior military the way I talk to people comes across a little harsh. I always make sure to tell people before we start a show not to take me personally.

7) AS yourself on reality television,'Cleve Hall's Monsterman' showed you in a bad light,Wanna explain ?

That was actually pretty funny. They chopped me up a lot. They cut out the beats where I was joking with Cleve. I have known him since I was a little kid. What they used was more of a joke then it was the way they used it. Did the show well, So didn't bother me.

8) Are you a fan of all the 'MEGA' monster flicks ?

For the most part. You do wonder how long they will keep going. The success behind the " Mega" films is amazing. There are so many though. When will the appeal run it.

9)Your credits as a producer are most impressive,Better than directing ?

Nope.. I love all film making. If I had a choice the order would be directing/1st AD/ Producing. I never set out to be a LP or UPM. I kind of fell into it, then realized I was good at it. From growing up in the business I came to understand that when your producing a film, You're there to make sure the money is being spent in the proper way. So I make sure I look at it as my money. This way if I agree to something it's something I would do every time.

10) What is next and Why are we gonna want to watch ?

Well just directed a film starting Tia Carrere, Robert Davi, Tim Russ, Robert Ray Schafer, Gerald Webb and a few more. The shooting title was' T-Minus', not sure what the final will be. The cast alone will hopefully get people to want to see it. Otherwise it's a mix of 'Armageddon' meets 'Crimson Tide'. It's a lot different from my other films but I hope it shows I can do more than just the horror and Giant CGI monster films. I have had 2 films I have UPM'ed and 1st AD on tv. Those films I got to work with my father. Which was something I always wanted to do. Such a cool experience . That's it for now, 2014 looks great but never want to say much till it's already happened.
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