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First Impressions: No-Rin, Z/X Ignition

If only the entire show was in 8-bit format

: Well, I held out hope that the funny moment that I saw in the trailer would imply that this would be better than the plot and the staff of this show suggested it would be. Welp, for No-Rin, not so much. It was exactly as expected: a boring, soulless, mess.

Kosaku has a bit of a love for someone beyond his reach. That person beyond his reach is an idol, and world renowned idol Kusabake Yuka. Nothing could possibly stop him from accomplishing his shallow goal of getting the girl, no matter how distant she may be except she soon retires. This crushes his poor heart. But, in a shocking twist, his famed idol transfers to his agricultural school! Under a guise and her real name! What will happen to Kosaku's emotions now?

The background, btw, is VERY significant in this scene.

I guess I'll get straight to the negative: this show is pretty poor. It's ok visually, but it tries so hard to be funny, and you'd think having a cow stirring crap and spreading widespread mayhem would be funny, and yet it's not! You'd also think it was creative that Kosaku's friend Minori took off her red shirt and handed it to him to use like a matador, because that cow's a bull now! Yeah, funny right? Instead, I was mostly just impressed she doesn't wear a bra. Unless she took that off for some reason. Well, anyways, the point is this anime spent most of its time attempting to do something great, something to get me to laugh, and it all comes back to trying too hard. It doesn't work out, period. Instead, it does a good job of making you sleep. I'd totally tell you to give on it now. In fact, you can give up on it right now, especially since it only has one thing going for it (no, you're not convincing me the child like 40 year old teacher that took a picture of herself naked with canola oil is something to go for, despite the hotness).

That one thing is going to involve Ringo. You know, the idol that transferred to the school.

See, her cheery and peppy personality seems to do a complete 180, in how she looks, and how she acts. I'm curious to see what direction it's going to go, because it'd be cool to see how the hell she survives doing agricultural stuff. Assuming she wants to do agricultural stuff. Although, considering Shin's not even trying for this show (I mean, there wasn't a single visual cue or nothing by him! If you don't know what I mean, go search Watamote, C3, and Dusk Maiden), I have little hope it'll be what I hope it is.

: I can do this. I can write about Z/X Ignition and not be mean about it.

Eh, what am I lying for? Z/X Ignition was a waste of good time that I'll never get back. And yes, I found it that bad.First of all, let it be known that Z/X Ignition takes place in a world where monsters from another dimension all decided to come to Earth and randomly slaughter humans after the gates opened. What are these gates we hear of? We don't know. They forgot to explain.

We also learn how humanity was smart enough to create an object -called an Z/X card- capable of capturing and controlling monsters (best answer ever to save thyself - controlling beings), but it appears that these cards are normally reserved for the police force. Don't know why, but these cards are also found in the hands of teenagers who can either save the world or bring it to an end once and for all. In any case, it's still the end of the world as we know it.

I didn't have any great expectations for Z/X Ignition. The plot looked alright, the artwork too, and yet the first episode was ruined in less than fifteen minutes. The first minutes where the narrator explained the plot was well done and got me into the story until the next scene where a sudden battle between a Lolita riding a dinosaur and another bizarre girl managed to catch me off guard (Conveniently, my SAPC (short attention span curse) started to kick in), and made me lose interest immediately.

Why so you may wonder? I found the sudden change of scene frustrating. I had no idea what was going on and what they wanted to show exactly with the battle. Obviously I caught on and understood that humans found a way to control creatures in order to save their skins, but I didn't know that they were the same type of creatures as the apocalyptic ones shown in the first scene. Compared to the latter ones, the creatures used in the battle scenes looked more like chimeras than scary grim reapers on dark horses.

Also, throughout the episode, the characters preferred giving unnecessary information and keeping us in the dark rather than explaining what was really going on and who they were fighting against - what happened to keeping the world from being dominated by monsters? Why is Kobe so important, specifically? Out of all the questions that were raised in one episode, only one was answered, and the answer given was extremely vague and badly placed in the episode. I won't spoil the details, but whoever thought it was a good idea to give out the answer near the end of the episode instead of after the introduction?

In order to keep myself from losing my brain cells over this anime, I'll avoid watching any more of Z/X Ignition.

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