Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Impressions: Winter 2014

Right a few of the shorts then - PUPA, STRANGE+, ONEE-CHAN GA KITA! and ROBOT GIRLS Z.


So it was shorts then - I'm disappointed.There is an interesting atmosphere in Pupa and there is clearly lots of symbolism going on, but with only 4mins to work with (including the OP & ED) the end result is extremely disjointed and lacking in impact.And the fact it is heavily censored doesn't help.The entire point is that the cute little imouto character transforms into a cannibalistic monster, but that part was entirely blocked out - not exactly horrifying.We don't get enough time to form any attachment to the characters, an effort is made to give a snapshot into their history of abuse, but it's just too little time to work with - half length episodes would have been so much better.

Pupa deals with subject matter that is difficult to adapt for TV, that much was already apparent when production was delayed, but if this was going to be the end result they should have just given up.This short form approach lacks any impact, and the shoe-string budget and censoring don't really endear Pupa either.I appreciate the effort that has been put into the sound design and direction, but this would have been a much more interesting show with a longer run time, bigger budget and the courage to go all out with the horror.As it stands Pupa is wasted potential.I am very disappointed.


We're chucked right into things with the first episode of Strange+, and it is a straight-up slap-stick gag short.Nothing big or clever about the show, just good old low brow humour and explosions.It was entertaining for its short run time, nothing to get excited about by any stretch of the imagination, but it doesn't want to be anything other than amusing.Had to laugh at how unfitting the was though as it was drawn by the Saiyuki author Kazuya Minekura who makes it look like an entirely different (much cooler) show.

I'm not sure if I want to watch any more of this, it was amusing but I'd probably get bored quite quickly.Will check out the next episode and then decide.


I watched this a few days ago and now can't really remember much about it.Basically it is all over again, except now the girl being all creepy & stalkerish is an onee-chan rather than an imouto.Although even Onii-Koto wins over this show since at least it had drinking game/terribad potential because it was so horrible.Onee-chan ga Kita! is too short to get too worked up about and the art is completely inoffensive as well.Basically it is completely bland and unremarkable.No point in watching any more of this.


I've watched three episodes of this and already the novelty has worn off.It is pretty fun, but since I haven't watched the original super robot shows, a lot of the jokes sail clear over my head and I have no real attachment to the characters.I'd imagine you'd be much more amused by the antics of these cute little girls, if you knew the giant robots they're named for.

Robot Girls Z still manages to be fun to watch since it is short and doesn't over play its hand - still after three episodes the punchlines are already getting rather repetitive and I think I'll pass on the rest of the show.One for the fans I think.
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