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Frank Feschino And The Incident At Strange Creek!


Almost heaven, West Virginia,

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.

Well, the 2014 iteration of the New Year got off to a fast start for researcher Frank Feschino, Jr!He received a phone call from still another witness in West Virginia who claimed, and convincingly, that he may had seen the so-called "Flatwoods Monster" in Braxton County back in September of 1952, too. Verily and meat appears to be on that bone. For Frank, it was a new first-hand witness to personally come forward and speak to him in several years. Frank called me almost immediately and explained the series of events..

He explained that this current "Monster" sighting report, according to the eyewitness, did not occur in Flatwoods at the time Mrs. May and the boys saw it on the Fisher Farm at 8:00 pm. Moreover, it did not even occur on the night of September 12, 1952!

Frank said the witness claims to have seen a tall "metallic-looking" figure in the small town of"Strange Creek" during the early morning hours of... September 13, 1952! This was about 3:00 am EST the day after all previous days history known!

Strange Creek, where, in 1952, this witness was a boy, is a small unincorporated little town located just southwest of Frametown and Glendon along Route 4 and the Elk River in southern Braxton County.This is near the Clay County border. This town is about 21-miles southwest of Flatwoods.

From Flatwoods (Upper Right) To Strange Creek (Lower Left)...

Frank went on, "At first, as with any stranger or witness, I was cautious and apprehensive about him and his testimony. There are a lot of hoaxers, pranksters and skeptics out there who would try to put one over on a guy to ruin hard won reputations. I knew his name from my caller ID, which matched who he said he was, but within the first few minutes of our conversation, I bombarded him with a lot of additional questions to flesh him out." .

Feschino said, "He told me that he grew up in Strange Creek and went to elementary school in Frametown. I then questioned him about the Frametown area, nearby territories, several small landmarks in the mountains. I also mentioned some of the people from the area, past and present residents--that sort of thing. I really grilled this guy and as it turned out, he knew many of the same people I did! He actually dated one women I knew when he was young man. Additionally, he also worked for a guy I knew in Flatwoods who has since passed away, as well. This witness knew a lot of personal stuff that an outsider or stranger couldn't possibly have known! Yes, this guy seemed to be genuine and he really knew the area better than I did, Alfred." Bona Fides seemed to pan out!

Encouraged by the seeming legitimacy Frank took notes during their subsequent conversation and asked many questions about his encounter on one early morning back in September of 1952.

Now for the encounter. The witness, who was a young boy at the time of the sighting, had explained his experience to Frank, but asked him not to reveal his name. He said that his own family didn't even believe him and he had been ridiculed by his friends and classmates for decades about what he saw on that early Indian Summer morning.

The witness reported, "It was frustrating to know that I saw 'it' and no one believed me. After all of these years, they joked about it and poked fun at me! I don't want to go through that again!" Frank respected the man's wishes but asked if he could retell the story publicly without him getting mad. The witness said he didn't mind if Frank told the story as long as his name wasn't used. Frank said to me, "Our conversation lasted for nearly 2-hours and the guy was sincere to the high nines about what he said to me."

Feschino explained, "The guy was a little kid at the time of the sighting but he actually described the true likeness of the so-called "Monster." Feschino added, "It never made sense to him, because the "thing" he saw was in Strange Creek, not Flatwoods, and he saw it about seven hours after May and the boys saw the monster in Flatwoods."

What They Saw In Flatwoods

Frank added, "To complicate matters for the witness, the 'thing' he saw in Strange Creek, didn't look at all like the original drawing depicted by the We the People rendering that was, of course, drawn all wrong.".Feschino said, "To this witness, the odds were stacked up against him; the location of his sighting wasn't in Flatwoods, the time of his sighting didn't fit the timeline and the description of the huge 'thing' that he saw wasn't exactly, the same as the one seen on TV... ." Frank added, "see, nobody believed him because his sighting in Strange Creek didn't fit the pattern or report of what was publicly known at that time."

"We The People" rendering for TV...

The witness was given a copy of Frank's book by a family member, which he had read over the holiday season. After reading the book it started to make sense to him. He began to connect the dots within Braxton County like Frank did and soon realized that his terrifying encounter in Strange Creek WAS linked to the "Flatwoods Monster" incident!

Subsequently, the witness was excited about his newly discovered findings. He decided then to come forward and tell Frank about his sighting occurring on that early morning in 1952. .Let me explain; during Feschino's exhaustive research, he used several documented sources and plotted numerous location points of the "Flatwoods Monster" craft after it departed the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods on September 12, 1952. From Flatwoods, Frank was able to establish the craft's flight path trajectory as it flew southwest over Braxton County, flew along the Elk River and eventually crashed in Frametown about 17-miles away atop of James Knob Hill.

Snitowsky Affair In Frametown...

Now reader, like most people in Braxton County during 1952, this "Strange Creek" witness was totally unaware of the George Snitowsky incident occurring in Frametown on the night of September 13, 1952. Snitowsky's story was not revealed until 1955, when it appeared in the July issue of MALE Magazine written by Paul Lieb. Upon reading this article years ago, Frank phoned and talked to George Snitowsky. He tells the entire story about George's alien encounter in his Braxton County Monster book. Frank states, "The Snitowsky incident was a lost part of the aggregate Ufology and was forgotten by most. The story was told one time in Lieb's article and only edited pieces of it appeared in print until I wrote about it later on in 2004."

Here, Feschino's research into the September 12 and 13, 1952 Braxton County UFO incidents revealed a solid timeline and tight storyline that shows how the so-called "Monsters," sighted in each of the Flatwoods and Frametown incidents, were actually the same entity. Yes, friends and neighbors; there IS a connection!

After the "Flatwoods Monster" landed on James Knob Hill in Frametown on Friday night, September 12, George Snitowsky, his wife and baby, encountered the hovering "Monster" in the Frametown area on the following night - about 23-hours later. According to Feschino, during the September 13, 1952 Snitowsky encounter, the being was only partially clad in its hovering metallic-like mechanical spacesuit, the upper torso portion and helmet being removed.

Feschino explains, "Now Alfred, we have this new witness, who saw something in Strange Creek, which is only about four miles southwest of Frametown along the Elk River and only about two and a half to three miles from James Knob Hill." Frank said, "After my initial questioning and grilling, I talked to this new witness for nearly two hours and he was hugely excited about a possible three-way connection involving his encounter in Strange Creek, the James Knob crash, and the Snitowsky incident in Frametown! Feschino said, "He wanted to talk to me to see if I might have the same outlook as he did, which is a connection concerning his encounter falling into the timeline of events of those Braxton County UFO cases."

Frank then explained what occurred in Strange Creek at about 3:00 am on September 13, 1952, according to the witness. Feschino states, "I gave this witness my word that I would not disclose his name or even a partial name. He has a very unusual first name, you see."

Frank adds, "This encounter occurred on the property of this man's family, and, because he wants to remain anonymous, I even chose to leave out some of the explicit details of the family property layout because it would easily pin point the location and the name of the family in Strange Creek." Feschino then explained the incident as told to him: ."The witness said the family house was a two story affair set far off of the road from the Elk River. There was a long driveway leading up to the house which was bordered by woods on the left side and cleared on the other. A wood fence bordered the driveway, and there was a car port at the end of the driveway near the house."

Frank adds, "The witness, a young boy at the time, said his bedroom was located on the second floor of the house and situated over the entrance of the front porch. He said the front porch was enclosed as well." Feschino continues, "The guy told me that he was suddenly awakened about 3:00 am in the morning, but does not know what stirred him out of his sleep. He quickly got out of bed, went directly to his window and looked out. To his horror, he saw a 'huge figure' he described as being 'about eight or nine feet tall' 'floating' up the driveway toward the house. He also added, the driveway was 'gravel.' "

."The startled witness told me, 'It was coming up the center of the driveway and heading to the house! It was about 40-50 feet away when I first saw it.' "

Frank asked for a description and was told, "'The overall impression of it was that it was cone-shaped and it flared out at the bottom.' He said, 'It looked like a machine - it was metallic-looking.' He also said it was, 'gray in color, like metal.' I asked him, 'what makes you think it was a machine?' He answered, 'It's like seeing a car, you know it was something that was made or manufactured, and it looked like some type of metal.' He said the upper torso area was cylindrical and fluted, 'like a garbage can, but the lower area flared out." He said the bottom, 'Had to be at least four feet across.'"

Frank said, "Alfred, the witness was very adamant in telling me, 'the thing was floating. It was floating a few inches above the ground... the driveway. It was raised over the ground and coming straight at the house.' I asked the witness, 'How did you see it so clearly at night?'" He answered, "'The front porch light was on and I could see it pretty good, but the thing was also luminous. It was glowing and had an aura of light around it.' As an adult, he explained how he had worked in the electrical field and fully understood what an aura was. I then asked the guy, were you scared and how long did you watch it?' He said, 'I was looking down on it from above the porch and I felt safe being on the second floor of the house but as it got closer to the house, I got scared.' The witness told me, 'I saw it float and move up the driveway for about 15-feet before I stepped back from the window.'"

The witness then said, "When I looked back out the window a few moments later, it was gone." When I asked where he thought it had went, he said, 'It must have moved toward the carport near the house. That's the only place it could have gone. It disappeared that fast." So, in other words, it continued up the driveway and was getting closer to the house when you stepped back away for a few moments," to which he replied 'yes.'" He also said, "It wasn't moving that fast and I would have seen it moving away from the house. The way our property was laid out, I would have seen it moving away in the other directions.' He then said, "I ran out of my room and into my parents room and yelled and woke them up. I told them what I saw and they said, 'You must be dreaming - go back to bed.'"

Frank then asked the witness if he saw the head area of the floating thing. Frank stated, "The witness said that he did not see a distinct head shape but he said the body of the 'thing' looked like my book cover illustration and interior drawings. He said that he did not see the red head and black exterior helmet as correctly portrayed in my illustrations. He said, "I would have noticed that big black ace-of-spades covering above it." The witness then offered, "Maybe the helmet was taken off at the time I saw it." The witness added, "The body of the figure was glowing and that is what I was fixed on--the aura around it. It was metal-looking." At this point, Frank told me he was impressed with the Strange Creek incident and he chatted with the witness about other points of the incident and rehashed the story, over and over again. Throughout the conversation, the guy repeatedly stated, "Thank you Frank, for writing your book and vindicating my story."

Frank agrees with the Strange Creek witness, that he had probably seen the "Flatwoods Monster" about seven hours after it's craft crashed in Frametown at James Knob the night before. Moreover, if this scenario is correct, then this indicates that the "Monster" was moving throughout the Frametown, Glendale and Strange Creek areas for nearly a full day before Snitowsky encountered it on the night of September 13, 1952. In closing, Frank told me the witness stated to him, "Frank, you nailed it--you are right on!"

Closing--a teasing buttress to a startling conjecture. The ETH just a little further up ones nose. Something highly strange, which shouldn't be there at all if you listened to the mal-informed naysayer, but that it is right where it would NEED to be if it was going to be there at ALL. From a reluctant first hand witness, reader, and fewer and fewer of those all the time, eh?Read on!
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