Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Free Online Games

I'm not talking Farmville, or whatever it is you people play these days.

I'm talk cool independent games made by people aspiring to be great game designers!Or I'm talking ones to avoid that aren't worth your time.

So, these aren't new games, they're just ones I tried out and would suggest if you have a couple of minutes or hours to spare (or need to take a break).

I've played a few "free" games in my time that all eventually want you to pay more to continue or make you wait hours before giving you more supplies or something (, , etc)

Note:I stay away from shooters and games where you play against other people online (except if I was playing Final Fantasy online).There is just a level of maturity that is usually missing from those types of games.I'm also really drawn to the aesthetics/looks of a game, so I'll play a pixel game or an advanced CGI game, but not if the characters or settings look odd.


This follows a teacher of some high school students as he listens in on their drama.It's set in the near future and concentrates on how much social media people use.And high school drama.So if you love high school drama and adults who clearly shouldn't be teaching, this one's for you!It's an "RPG" in the sense that you get to choose what the teacher will say a couple of times, but I really think the story would end up the same either way.So much high school drama...it does look pretty, though.

2. Have ten minutes to save the world?Because that's what you have to do in this game.And there are no do-overs (unless you delete your internet cookies).Most of the time the world will die, but you may catch on and save it eventually.

3. I actually didn't like this one.It looks like a comic book, which, while I don't mind that style, I didn't like the art.It's a "choose your adventure" type of game, so there are multiple different endings, but I just wasn't found of the story so didn't care if my best friend got shot and I "lost."Eh.


A short text-based "choose your own adventure" type.Like the SIMS but way less complicated.You make decisions that can increase your social, family, intelligence, and emotion levels.I don't like some of the answers ("There's no way you're that honest!!"--well, I guess there is...).You could answer as you think you would or just explore other options.


I was so excited when I actually got on here--I actually don't enjoy this one that much, as it's just clicking on the screen a few times to "play" through the books.If I could be a character in the world of Harry Potter, I'd be excited about that.


This creator has an entire website of games, but I tried this novella--it's more of going through a story than playing.You get to choose some of the letters the character will send, which changes interactions.For any French Revolution buffs or Les Miserables fans, this might be worth your time.First Draft of the Revolution won a 2012 XYZZY Award for Best Use of Innovation, and was nominated for Best Story. I don't really feel like I had much of a choice in most of it, though--I couldn't send the letters as I wanted every time.It sure does make you think about how many times we should probably re-write something before we send it or say it. I also really didn't like the abrupt ending, so not too good. She also did , about a home school girl training for the national spelling bee.I learned some new words, as I am terrible at spelling.


This one is so awesome!You play as a tentacle type thing in the ocean.Or are you?You can help people or become a monster!


Because, dragons.


Yes, this one makes me a little uncomfortable, but there is something oddly hilarious about it.It is a little odd that you can make more money as a hobo in a day than I can in a month.But it is a game...


Talk about a sweet zombie game with creepy music!This is after/during a zombie attack, so you have to rebuild society (while still keeping out the zombies).Not a shooter, but a type of strategy game.This one's got me hooked!

More to come!
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