Friday, January 3, 2014

Frozen Friday

BRRRRRRRcold hereand we started getting some very light snow yesterday afternoon around 2-ish and it snowed all night.It's still dark outside so I can't tell how much we're going to have BUT the weather lady said yesterday "about 1-3 inches".I can live with that but I'm living INSIDE where it's warm.Makes me always think about all the animals who don't have an "inside where it's warm" .hopefully they will find some shelter.This guy looks like he's saying "whoops - I came up too soon - I need to continue tunneling to the back door of my house!!"

This is me when I was younger enjoying a bit of snow.(not now though!!)

Housecleaning day today but really since all the Christmas stuff is already put away for the year it won't be a BIG DEAL housecleaning.Mom did some vacuuming when the tree was taken down and put away and a bit yesterday when we were picking up the debris from my PAWTY!Good.That's a few less rooms to make monster noise in!

Bye Bye beautiful tree - see you next year!!!!!

I got a new award - and was nominated for some old awards I already had too.The new one was from my buddy Nerissa (aka Nissy) at Nerissa's Life.I think this award has the coolest, funniest, name of any award I've ever received too.Ready?

Cool huh?Thank you so much Nissy.Especially since "The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award" is given to someone who "spreads one or more of joy, peace, hope and love" with their blog!Well that's what I've been trying to do since I started "ONE SPOILED CAT" - YAY!The receiver of this award can pass it on if you wish to ANYONE who satisfies the above rule of spreading one or more of those lovely things.There's no minimum or maximum number of blogs you can pass it on to so here are my nominations - some OLD friends and some NEW ones too!

You MUST MUST MUST drop bybloggy today to wish her a very happy GOTCHA DAY!!!I'm sure she'll appreciate that.You know she's got a foster sister with her right now named Sage and she's TRYING to get used to having company around her house again - like when Leo was staying there?Anyway, please stop by and give Savvy a HUGshe deserves it - just like she deserves her wonderful FUREVER home with Mom Linda and Dad Peter!!

What else can I tell you today?Well, coincidentally the "eve" of my birthday which was also New Year's Eve, I found out that the "powers that be" at Cat Scouts had honored me YET again with the "Cat Scout of the Week" badge.Can you believe it?Very exciting.This is my SECOND time of being the "Cat Scout of the Week" so the Scouts in my Troop (The Worldwide Wildcats) added THAT little celebration into the whiz bang birthday pawty they had for me too.Wow.How lucky can one guy get?Well, I think I'm finding that out!Cat Scouts is a lot of work and a lot of fun - if you'd like me to send you an invite and join up (whether you join my Troop or start your own!) just let me know.I can guarantee you'll have fun and get to wear a way cool Scout uniform too.Woo Hoo!

This is my "Second Time" badge for Scout of the Week !!

Hope you have a HAPPY FRIDAY..whether you're in rain, snow or sun - - - HAVE SOME FUN!

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