Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Liveblog , Part II

6:27 PM: Hi Emma Thompson. And Emma Thompson's heels. Here comes Best Screenplay. Spike Jonze wins for "Her"! Well deserved too.

6:30 PM: Wow, Laura Dern is a redhead. She's doing the intro for her dad's movie "Nebraska." Can't wait to see this one.

6:32 PM: Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy. They nominated Michael J. Fox for "The Michael J. Fox Show"? Really? Adam Sandberg wins for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"! Yay! Eat it Sheldon! Hey, most of the "Nine-Nine" cast is here. This is great.

6:37 PM: Okay, I wasn't going to comment on any of the commercials, but the ad campaign for "Muppets Most Wanted" with the fake Internet commenters is fantastic.

6:40 PM: Best Foreign Language Film. At least "The Wind Rises" got a nomination here after getting booted from the Best Animated Film category. "The Great Beauty" wins. I've seen it, and confess that it went right over my head. I don't think I know enough about modern Italian culture.

6:42 PM: Here's Tina and Amy still ragging on Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Please let this become a running joke. They're introducing Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy who are doing a bit where McCarthy thinks she's Matt Damon. It doesn't really work.

6:45 PM: Okay, Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie goes to Michael Douglas for "Behind the Candelabra" again. And if you're confused about that "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" win the announcer referenced, he wasn't in it. He was a producer. Douglas is actually talking about the project's origins now, which not enough of these actors do.

6:52 PM: Best Animated Feature Film. Boring nominees, and I can' believe "Monsters Inc." lost out a spot to "Croods" and "Despicable Me 2." "Frozen" wins! If you've seen the box office totals, you know it doesn't need the awards boost.

6:54 PM: Colin Farrell introduces "Inside Llewyn Davis."

6:55 PM: Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy time! Amy Poehler's getting a back rub from Bono. And she wins! And she's macking on Bono! I love this. Poehler and "Parks and Rec" never get enough credit. Smile, Rob Lowe!

7:01 PM: Here comes the Cecil B. DeMille award going to Woody Allen. No, he's not here tonight. I here it conflicted with his weekly jazz gig, as usual. I love this clip montage. It's giving me all the happy thoughts.

7:06 PM: Here's Diane Keaton to accept on Woody's behalf. It's so good to see her.

7:14 PM: He Liam Neeson to intro "Gravity." I have no idea what you have to do with "Gravity," but it's good to see you.

7:15 PM: Ben Affleck has arrived to present Best Director. No, he's not the new Redford. Redford is a much better actor, guys. And the award goes to Alfonso Cuaron! I don't think anybody predicted that one, but it bodes well for "Gravity" and its chances as the season rolls on.

7:19 PM: Aw, Tina Fey is ragging on Michael Bay. That's so sweet. Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy goes to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Yay for the newbies! And damn right, you're getting renewed!

7:26 PM: Jennifer Lawrence is back to present Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. Leonardo DiCaprio takes it! No guarantee that this means he's even getting nominated for the Oscar though. It's a really tough year. Enjoy that speech and get those thank yous out while you can, Leo.

7:29 PM: I like Reese Witherspoon as much anyone, but introducing "12 Years a Slave"? You couldn't find anyone more thematically appropriate?

7:35 PM: Good grief, it's Niki Lauda. He and Chris Hemsworth are here to introduce "Rush," which deserves the kudos it's been getting.

7:37 PM: Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy goes to "American Hustle." Found this one a little disappointing honestly, but at this point it's inevitable that it's going to be a frontrunner at the Oscars. Fellow Annapurna picture "Her" would've been my pick.

7:44 PM: Okay Leo, finish up here. Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama goes to Cate Blanchett for "Blue Jasmine." Haven't seen most of the nominees here, but Blanchett was great as the neo-Blanche DuBois. Aw, I love the shoutout to Diane Wiest. And she's giving her own tribute to Woody Allen. Wow, she closed that one well. Looking forward to seeing her at the Oscars.

7:48 PM: Hi Jessica Chastain. After that great year she had, she seems to have disappeared for a while, which isn't a bad thing. Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama goes to Matthew McConaughey. Holy moly. I have no idea who is winning Best Motion Picture, Drama at this point.

7:55 PM: And Golden Globes favorite Johnny Depp is here to present the last award of the evening. My guess is "Gravity" for this crowd, but who knows at this point. "12 Years a Slave"! Wow. Since it missed out on all the other awards, I thought it was out of the running. Steve McQueen still gets his chance in front of the microphone. Go Steve!

And we're done. Need some time to process, but there were some nice surprises and nearly every film and show I was really rooting for walked away with something. Ceremony was nice and brisk, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler nailed it as usual. Good evening all around.

'Night folks!
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