Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy new year!!! :D

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good New years eve/day and I wouldlike to wish you all a happy and healthy new year! :) Normally I have a whole long, long list of new years resolutions but this year I didn't really have any that I hadn't already started before new year, so my new years resolutions aren't so much resolutions, more continuations :P My first aim is to become more chillaxed and happy as exams really stressed me out for A levels and all that but now I am finished and have started uni I am trying to stress less and not be afraid of getting things wrong sometimes. It is going well so far as I already feel less inhibited in my crafting and other things now I am allowing myself to make the odd mistake, which at the end of the day is just learning- making me better at my craft and other things anyway :P My second aim is to keep reading and working hard at uni an trying to learn new skills to improve my sewing and crafting abilities :) hehehw I think learning new craft/sewing skills and improving at them will be on my list forever as I want to be amazing!!! And my thrid aim is to look for more lovely blogs to read, as well getting a bit better at keeping up to date on all the fabulous blogs I already read. Sometimes I miss a blog post and don't see it till the next week so my comments are late- bad me! Now I am more settled in my routine I should be better :) And my fourth and final aim is to keep working on and improving(and blog as usual :) and try to make some happy customers this year :D Heheh I have already uploaded some of the new stock I made for the new year: >Decorate your own button monster kits! (do you remember the button monsters........: hehe :) > Friendship bracelets >Fimo cookie buttons And I have many more plans for other items! I am looking forward to the year ahead :D I even have something very exciting happening tomorrow- I am meeting my blogging/ravelry friend Eleanor from:) We are going to catch up and chat and do a bit of sale shopping together so that will be uber fun, I can't wait! See you all again soon, Bye xxxxxxxxx

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