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Hello Two Thousand Fourteen

Two Thousand Fourteen...2014!!How did more than a year and a half go by with out posting anything to this little old family blog?!I'm pretty sure that when I quit my job at the UofU almost two years ago and had that cute little baby boy...that I thought to myself, "I'm going to have SO much more time to do things like crafting, photography, scrapbooking, and blogging!"

But let's be honest...I have absolutely NO more time to do that stuff than I did before!But as I look back on all the fun adventures we've had as a family...I'm sad that the only thing that documented those moments was a sentence or two and/or a picture on or .As much as I love those social media outlets...I've decided that this year I'm going to do more.Even if it's just for me...and no one else will read this...I want to document more.

So where does that bring us?Well let me fill you in on what we are up to...

Well we finally did have that cute little boy on March 9, 2012...his name is Jarek William.The name Jarek came from a TV show that Jer and I really liked called Chicago Code, and William is after Jeremy's paternal grandfather.He will be 2 years old in just a couple of months and the time just seems to fly by!He has brought so much love and joy into our home and to our family.He is a daddy's boy for sure...he can't wait for dad to come home from work everyday and is his constant companion until it's time for bed!Mommy usually gets bedtime duties...because dad is a softy...and little Jarek knows it!If Jer wakes up with him in the middle of the night...Jarek thinks it's time to play with his daddy...instead of going back to sleep!But despite all that love for his daddy...he seems to love his big brother and sister (and mom) just the same! He is constantly following Clayton around...learning how to play sports, be a ninja, a light saber warrior, a Nerf gun shooter, a monster truck driver, or a skateboard rider!He's pretty much mastered all of those things too! ;) Jarek also learns lots from big sister, how to take care of babies in the stroller, what sound all the animals make, and how to apply nail polish and lipstick!We can't take our eyes off our little "monster baby" for a second...because he basically is a walking tornado and likes to destroy things! He is such a sweet baby though and gives the best slobbery kisses and hugs...and when he says "tantou (thank you)" he will melt your heart like chocolate fondue!I really can't believe he is almost 2 years old...

Aspen is now 9 years old...turning 10 this year!Holy cow...I will have a 10 year old!She is in the 4th grade...and just growing up so fast.She loves everything that makes her feel makeup, jewelry, cell phones, going to the mall, etc.But she still loves playing with her littlest pet shops, monster high dolls, my little ponies, and stuffed animals.I see her slowly slipping away into a I savor the moments when she wants to play with her little girl things.I love the person she is becoming.She is mostly sweet with a side of sassy!I love the moments when she tries to take care of her siblings...and even when she tries to take care of me.Along with playing mommy...she keeps herself pretty busy!She is in the choir and math club at school and also takes ballet and jazz dance classes twice a week.She recently learned to ski for the first time and loves figure skating when she gets the chance to.If you asked her today what she wants to be when she grows up she'd tell you a horse trainer!

Clayton is 7 years old...and officially taller than his big sister!He has grown a lot in the last year...and learning so much as a first grader!He is reading and doing math so makes me proud to see him succeeding in his school work.He is my can he talk your ear off!He loves to ask questions and tell stories!He absolutely loves playing video games and right now his favorite game is Skylanders-Swap Force...he loves collecting the little guys for his game.Clayton learned to play flag football this past summer and played coach pitch baseball.He enjoys playing sports and trying to find one he likes to play best.He's looking forward to the snow melting so he can try out his new skateboard he got for Christmas...but for now is having fun giving his little brother rides on it in the kitchen!He is a a really good both Aspen and Jarek!He takes care of and plays with Jarek so well!I love to watch them wrestle with each other!He tries to be sweet with Aspen...which sometimes backfires...but for the most part he's very good at being her protector if needed.We are so blessed to have this handsome little ninja in our family!

Jeremy is working for the State of Utah in their HR department.I don't know what his exact title is...I just know that he runs reports, works with data, and loves his job!We have been so blessed in the decision he made to start working has been a wonderful thing for our family.He also keeps busy as the Elders Quorum President with our church.It is a stressful calling/job at times...but I think we both know that it is where the Lord wants/needs him to be.Jeremy takes on a lot as the head of our family.He is an amazing step dad to Aspen and Clayton and an amazing dad for Jarek.He is my rock and my best friend.I don't know what I would do without him some days as he literally holds our family together!He takes such good care of all of us...mostly me!I mean just tonight he basically told me he would be my endless Dr. Pepper supplier for the rest of my life!What more could a girl ask for?!Seriously though...I love this man!

As for me...I'm busy getting fat...and growing a baby!That's case you were not aware...we are expecting baby girl in exactly one month...maybe sooner!My official due date is February 2nd...but I'm secretly hoping that I will be induced a week early like I was with Jarek.My group B strep test came back positive again so I will need to be hooked up to antibiotics before I can deliver...and planning for that is easier than not!This little girl is also currently unless we can get her to do a somersault in the next few weeks...I may be looking at a C-section. And that is kind of freaking me out!Other than growing a baby I'm trying keep busy by getting ready for baby #4 to join our little family...oh and you know trying to raise 3 other little munchkins at the same time...and then every once in a while (if I'm lucky) I get to squeeze in a little or date night with the hubby!

I know I keep saying it...but truly I am blessed!2013 was a great year for us...lots of craziness and fun adventures!I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!Hopefully I can keep this little family blog up to date and better record all the awesomeness!Here's to another great year...

For a small 15 second peak at what last year looked on the link below!

Wishing you all peace and so much love this next year~
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