Thursday, January 23, 2014


This means this is my last year in my 30's. After this year it will be all "oh back in my thirties..." Gawd that sounds so old. I'm an old ninny. BUT I'm not out of the 30's quite I plan on making this last year AWESOME!!

But first let's see how an old lady of 39 celebrates her birthday!

The prior weekend Perk took me to the exciting town of IDAHO FALLS! Yes magical. We went to dinner at Sand Piper (which was not as good as I remembered it from the Pocatello Sand Piper) and decided that since we had plenty of time before our HUNGER GAMES movie began, we'd run over to the Bed, Bath & Bullshit and walk the store. 10 minutes before they closed.

Oh yes. We did!

We sat in the massage chairs and got free workups. Perk put his feet in this contraption that had him moaning and rolling his eyes back. Okay maybe not to THAT degree, but he was "relaxed".

See Perk and I both worked at Bed, Bath & Bitches years ago so we know how this sort of stuff goes down. Customers drag their feet in the store at 8:55pm, pacing around, not really looking for anything special. Then you have that young couple who comes in to scope out the bridal register, before they are even engaged, and they sit and play in the chairs, or lay in the staged beds.

We've worked it, we know how it goes. You can't really kick the customer out. You can give little hints like "attention shoppers...we're closing in 5 minutes" warnings. Or when you walk past them you say "are you finding everything, we're just about to lock up". But you can't kick them out. You can however cut the power to where the massage chairs are...and once that's done its a pretty quick exit from there.

Bastards cut our power mid massage. Oh well. It was still nice! And free!

So on the day of my actual birthday (January 6), Perk brought home some pretty flowers and snowmen cupcakes. We had plans to go out to dinner as a family but one by one they dropped like flies. First Perk's head cold suddenly because something you'd see McDreamy operate on while watching Grey's Anatomy. Then both kids realized they simply didn't want to go to dinner where they wouldn't be surrounded by kids and toys and monster high dolls. NO WAY IN HELL AM I COOKING THE FAMILY MEAL ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Finally my last chance was Autumn.She'd never pass up a chance to eat out so she became my date.We hit the Royal Wolf (delicious!) and then stopped at Brolim's for cheesecake (even more awesome). All in all it was a good birthday.And yes, we did eat the cheesecake while parked in the grocery store lot. My birthday. My way. 39 will be a good year for me. Maybe my best...but that will be another post!!
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