Saturday, January 4, 2014

House of hades

So, I'm reading house of hades (duh) and *SPOILER ALERT* percy and Annabeth are fighting Tartarus. Like, not traveling through, not stuck in, fighting. Like a small amount of power made into a fight able form of him. It's kinda funny thinking about how they encountered a bunch of monsters and Tartarus was probably like "okay, this one'll get em. There's no way- dang it! Useless Titan!" I mean, he was probably just sitting there at the end like "you better kill him you useless in- what?!? Screw it, I'll deal with them myself." And the whole rest of the gang is in the house of hades. Hehe, like the title,but anyways, they're there and it is trippy. Of course, it is house of the dead. Of course, I totally get it now, the doors of death and....... OKAY I JUST FIGURED SOMETHING OUT!!!!!! So, there has to be one who fights off the people around the doors of death and one who holds the button? It looks like Percy is going to stay behind and hold the button, BUTthe other guy, who helped them is going to come, and help and they'll both get out and yay! And I figured out the phrophecy to the best of my ability......

To storm or fire the world must fall: Gaea is the world (cause she IS...) and to storm is percy and Jason, or fire is Leo and frank (his burning lifeline)(neither side has to die for it coughs cough piper!)

An oath to keep with final breath: maybe, just maybe the bad guy makes the oath. Or it's me wanting them all to live, dang it! That's as far as I got.

Daughter of Athena


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