Thursday, January 9, 2014

I don't get it

It's 2014 and I still don't get what is so good about Pupa.

I have to admit that I actually dislike it greatly; it has a mediocre story, terrible characters, terrible setting, everything is so horrible that it makes me cringe in disgust. The only good thing about it is the art--even though sometimes the quality of it drops a lot.

I mean, the only reason why everyone seems to like it so much is because it is some pseudo-romance incest guro story with a cute monster girl. But I just find it really annoying. The guro is great, I find myself amazed with the art, no matter ho sketchy it looks, it is actually pretty charming. I LOVE GURO (fictional guro, that is), guro is my weakness, I find it really interesting and I have read like 5000 guro stories and I adore it. But, ew, even though the story seems interesting I hate it. I hate how terribly the artist executes the story, it is just too anime, it's very bad and terrible and I hate it.

I hate every character I hate Maria, I hate Utsu or whatever his name is (I loathe his siscon, it makes me sick. I ship incest, I do, I have nothing against it. But here it is so badly executed and the characters are so disgusting that EURGH I don't even what to talk about it), and above everything else, I despise Yume. She's so annoying, mainly because I like female characters that are not crying to be saved and are strong and take shit from no one, and Yume is EXACLY the opposite and I just hate her so much it hurts. I hate everyone in this fucking series. I like the premise, (or I liked it until it was fully explained in the manga) and the characters have pretty cute designs (even though Utsu looks like a fucking faggot). But everything is so terrible... I cannot seem to enjoy this shit This story is made by a woman, right? Ew. She is pretty terrible, then.

TL;DR: I hate Pupa because it is terrible and disgusting.
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