Saturday, January 18, 2014

James Franco Monkeys Around With Seth Rogen In Their Most Bizarre Bromance Picture Yet!

America's favorite bromance is back!!!

&pretty much won the internet late last year with their of 's ridiculously seXXXy music video with , but clearly these dudes are uninterested in resting on their laurels!

They're back and even more AH-Mazing than ever!!!

James takes a turn as King Kong in his latest perfectly adorable picture project, and he brought Seth along with him to play his buxom blonde hostage!

Yes!!! This is AH-Mazing!!

James looks MARVELOUS as Hollywood's most misunderstood monster and, OMG, Seth looks so cute and tiny in his hands!!! From Kimmy K. seXXXy nekkedness to FAY WRAY's damsel in distress, The Guilt Trip star sure has shown a lot of range!

We love it! We love everything these two do!!! Hopefully James and Seth are Bound 2gether for life, LOLz!!

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