Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monkeyman & O'Brien #3 (of 3)

Facing jail time for the kidnapping of Shrewmanoid, Monkeyman designs a ship to help him safely navigate the extra-dimensional void he terms the "Terminus." There, Monkeyman and his partner Ann O'Brien will attempt to bring the Shrewmanoid back to earth for justice and imprisonment. But before they can find the diminutive monster, they duo face a creature that hails himself the leader of the Terminus.

Now, wait a minuteDidn't I just say that Monkeyman came up with the name Terminus for the void? If it's his name, why is this new bad guy calling it the Terminus as well. Neither Monkeyman or this new foe has ever met, so if Monkeyman came up with the word, a random stranger should know this word. Plus, O'Brien reminds us each issue that Monkeyman had to teach himself English, so how does this bad guy from Moneyman's side of the universe know English or that Ann understands it?

Geez, I'm getting technical here, sorry. It's a great series and I love the characters. The art still is amazing, with this new bad buy looking like Lord Zedd on steroids (See Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie.) Plus, Laura Allred's color scheme is fantastic! It's just all of a sudden, I'm seeing things that just don't add up.

Also, this series has only 3 issues, but the ending is found in Dark Horse Presents #118 (at least.) This usually ticks me off, but I had already committed to finding all of the Monkeyman and O'Brien stories by the time I finished issue 1, so it doesn't upset me. I'm disappointed that the story didn't end with issue 3, but at least now I know where to start looking for the continuing adventures of Monkeyman & O'Brien.
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