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Get ready for another round in Vegas

Techtocore regrets to all its viewers as we won't be able to update you with all the latest stuff live from th CES 2014, because our authors are currently busy with their exams. Anyway, lets catch up with the hot expectations from the world.

From January 7 to January 10, CES 2014 will invade the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Listed below are the confirmed pieces of tech we'll of course, try to get our hands on within the next few weeks


LG has announced its full line-up of 4K televisions for 2014 with twelve models including a monster 105-inch LCD and two curved OLED series.

The lineup includes the two OLEDs--the EC9700 and EC9800--and three series of LCD--the UB9800, UB9500 and UB8500--making it one of the largest offerings of Ultra HD displays yet.

LG says the TVs will include the latest standards for connectivity (though it isn't yet explicit we hope this means HDMI 2.0) and the company's advancements with Smart TV.

LG Electronics is also set to reveal a Googlicious all-in-one desktop computer at CES 2014. The 21.5-inch LG Chromebase runs the Chrome operating system and features a full 1080p HD IPS display.

Inside, the Chromebase will house 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an Intel Celeron processor. The computer includes single HDMI, USB 3.0, and LAN ports, with three additional USB 2.0 connections in the rear. The all-in-one also packs a 1.3-megapixel Webcam that takes 720p video and 5-watt speakers. Keyboard and mouse accessories are included.


Viva la Vibe ZThe the 5.5-inch Vibe Z, Lenovo's flagship handset, is also the first LTE-capable smartphone from Lenovo. The Vibe Z along with three other Android handsets will .Equipped with quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 22.GHz, the Vibe Z is capable of upload speeds up to 50Mbps and up to 150Mbps downloads, Lenovo promises.Lenovo's S Series of phones, the S930 and S650 (both running Android 4.2), are aimed at media junkies on a budget, and the ultra-affordable, so-so-specced A859.


its 2014 line up of tablets that will be on the CES show floor - refreshes of the Iconia A1 and B1 series.The Iconia A1-830, a 7.9-inch slate in a new silver, aluminum back cover sports a 1024 x 768 IPS touchscreen. Inside the A1 is a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z2560 processor and 1GB of DDR2 RAM. Despite that being achip rather than the shiny new , Acer still promises 7.5 hours of battery life. The asking price: $149 (about 90.78, AU$165.91) when it lands this quarter.The -720, a 7-inch tablet in a new, slimmer profile that's aimed at entry-level tablet users or children with its $129 (about 78.59, AU$143.64) price tag.

Netflix Goes 4K

Netflix continued to lead the next-gen streaming charge by announcing on December 18 that it plans to produce House of Cards season 2 in 4K.

How does it plan to do this exactly? By teaming up with TV makers, of course. Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said December 18 that the company has partnered with "major TV vendors" that will announce their 4K-Netflix-capable wares at CES.

This is 4K Netflix built into smart TVs, folks, and it's all coming in January.

YouTube Also In The 4K Ring

In a bid to kickstart Google's new open-source VP9 video format, YouTube will also be on hand to demonstrate 4K streaming technology.

The company's UltraHD videos will be on display on televisions at the Sony, LG and Panasonic booths using the VP9 codec Google has developed in-house.


After much speculation, ZTE has confirmed that it will indeed bring its ZTE Grand S II, the follow up to the Grand S, to the show.

The other handsets also making an appearance are the Nubia 5S, Nubia 5S mini and the Sonata 4G.

ZTE is also set to debut its very first Iconic Phablet, a 5.7-inch device listed to come equipped with a dual-core processor, Dolby Digital Sound and a wireless charging feature.

Samsung To Show New Galaxy Phones?

Samsung hardly misses the chance to shine a spotlight on itself, and its presence at CES 2013 was no different. We saw Youm, its flexible display tech prototype, more TVs than need be listed here and former President Bill Clinton. So yes, Samsung left an impression.

For 2014, we're zeroing in on two bits of consumer tech in particular: the Galaxy Round and Galaxy S5.

Reports suggest that with slowing sales of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has decided to push the Galaxy S5's release date up to a possible launch during CES 2014. With a potential 64-bit chip, new 16MP camera and all-metal body, consumers may forgive the oddly timed announcement and clamor for the new Android machine anyway.

Other spec rumors suggest the new Galaxy will pack a diamond-like coat, 2K display (resolution 2560 X 1440) and iris scanner, though a December 16 report suggested the S5 won't arrive until MWC 2014.

If it does debut at CES, the Galaxy S5 may not take the stage alone: Reports from December suggest Samsung is readying four or five new phones for 2014, and we would hardly be shocked to see more than one in Vegas.

As for the Galaxy Round, even though it's reportedly a prototype at this point, Samsung should have plenty to say on its ability to create bendy devices. We may hear about a full Round roll out, and possibly more on Samsung's foldable phone-to-tablet and fold-in-two handset.

With LG nipping at its heals with the G Flex, Samsung's turn at CES should show us more on the flexible display front.

Stay tuned as we'll try to regularly refresh this page
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