Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Archer for Archer Appreciation Month

As I type this it is January 2, 2014. Technically was in December, so I hope you guys will forgive this late post. If you follow me on then you know that I have been traveling and haven't been near my sewing machine.

I'm going to call this my Tosh.0 shirt. It was actually my friends idea, she told me that the finished product looked like the shirt he has been wearing all season and I love that! I think he is the funniest person on tv, besides Charles Barkley.

The fabric was purchased on my last trip to Mood Los Angeles. It's a white and pink checkered shirting that feels lovely, but gets pretty wrinkly. I'm going to have to try and starch it when I wear it next. The pattern is, of course, the .

I've been thinking a lot about new years resolutions and past regrets and I think that one of my biggest regrets about last year is not sewing this pattern earlier when it was released. Seriously! I know that I'm not the first person to write great things about Archer and anything I say will be redundant, but guys, people love this pattern for a reason. The construction is spot on, the directions are amazing, and the finished product is something you can be so proud of. It's hard to impress my husband, but when he saw my shirt he said, "I thought you said you couldn't sew collared shirts." He is now expecting me to make him a shirt. I've created a monster :)

That's not to say my shirt is flawless, there are definitely some mistakes. I was confused on the button bands and don't think I attached one of them correctly and my buttonholes look pretty terrible, but that's ok! This is my first Archer (View B) and I have time to perfect my skills on future versions. Yes, I have multiple versions planned.

Current Archer count: 1. How many do you have in your closet?
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