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My most anticipated films of 2014

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it's 2014 now. Happy new year, guys. The end of a year means looking back but the stry of a new one means looking forward.

So of course, everyone is talking about the things they are looking forward to. Most importantly, the MOVIES they are hyped for.

2013 was a mixed year for movies. Whether you were fair and thought it just had some disappointments, or you were a cynic douche and thought it sucked, we can all agree on that. However, 2014 has a number of films that people think might be good.

Since everyone else is doing I might as well join in. This is just a quick thing I'm doing out of boredom so don't expect any bigger intro.


But before we fully start, I want to get something out of the way. There are plenty of animated films I am hyped for, but I know some don't want this to be full of them so instead of putting my most anticipated ones on the list


Let's do this..


Coming to us from our friends in South Korea, this is the story of Surly, who gets kicked out of his home in the park, and decides to pull off an epic nut store hesit with his buddies.

So in other words, it's Ocean's 11 with Squirrels.

.Okay, this could be awesome .or it could be like Free Birds, where the idea is awesome but the execution is weak. Much like Free Birds, the premise sounds dumb to some but great to others.

I'm in the middle. The trailer didn't really get too excited when I saw it in front of Frozen. It doesn't look awful but part of it looks kinda typical. However, it could be funny so I'm not one to judge.

The cast includes Will Arnet, Brendan Fraiser, Jeff Dunham and Liam Neeson. I'm not the biggest Jeff Dunham of Brendan Fraiser fan (especially after Fraiser's last animated film) but the others sound cool.

Even better: Liam voices one of the villains.That could be awesome.

Overall, The Nut Job could be a fun heist movie, or another crappy kid's movie for the kid's.


If you told me years ago, those those lego blocks will lead to some cool video games and animated productions, I'd laugh in your face.

But here we are with a fully animated Lego feature film. Some scoff at the idea but there have been Lego animated productions for the past few years and most of them have been amusing.

In this feature film, we get a peek into the whole Lego world, as a dude named Emmett is mistaken for the special, a dude who can save the Lego world. With the help of allies such Not!Gandalf and Batman, they must stop the evil Lord Business from you guessed it, taking over the world.

On one hand, the plot is kind of generic. On the other hand, the trailer was awesome. The CG animation is very creative, making it look like stop motion. Many jokes took advantage of the fact that it's lego's and the trailer alone has clever in jokes.

Plus, the characters include, Superman, Batman, and Wonder-Woman Yep, we have to wait for 2015 for Batman and Wonder-Woman to invaded Superman's films, but it looks like they are doing that a year early.

The trailer alone has some great jokes for Batman. Oh, and we also have a great voice cast, which includes Will Arnet as Batman, Cobie Smulders as Wonder-Woman, Nick offerman as a pirate, and MORGAN FREEMAN as a wizard who in no way is a parody of Gandalf.

That's not even the end of. There's Elizabeth Banks as this female sidekick, Jonah Hill as Green Lantern and Channing Tatum as Superman. Eh, it could be funny.

Also, there's Will Ferrel as the villain. That speaks for itself.

One last bit: Liam Neeson as a cop with a bad side. Liam is two animated films in a role. That is awesome but much to Cinema Sins dismay, he won't kill anyone in either.

Add the director's of 21 Jump Street (with explained Jonah and Tatum) and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (which won't please Ani-Mat) and you got a recipe for awesome. This could be dumb it might also be hilarious.


Dreamworks has 3 movies this year, and this our first. Based on the Segments of the same name from Rocky & Bullwinkle, this is the story of a talking dog and his boy. Not a boy and his dog. A dog and his boy.

Sherman messes up with a time machine so they not they gotta fix it. Not the most interesting plot but based on the source materiel, and talent involved, this could be great.

There isn't too much info but the trailer has the same humor I expect from these characters. Also, check out some of the voice cast:

Ty Burrell as Mr Peabody, Ariel Winter as some love interest, STEPHEN COLBERT as her Dad, and if wikipedia is to be believed other people include Patrick Warburton, Stanley Tucci and Mel brooks. Yes, really.

On top of that, it's director by Robert Minkoff, who brought us Stuart Little, and .some Disney movie about a lion or something.

Not much else to say, actually. Despite some not so clever post taglines (/He's leaving his mark on history" Ew), this looks like it could be another funny Dreamworks movie.

RIO 2:

Blue Sky has started a pattern. Ice age movie, original movie, Ice age movie, original movie, and so on. But after Epic, they are not going back to the Ice age well.

Instead, they've brought us another unnecessary sequel!

Okay, I'm being a bit too harsh. I plan to review Rio when this film comes out, so I won't go into much detail, but the first Rio got post a clichplot with great animation and likable characters.

But as good as it is,it didn't need a sequel. The plot this time is that Blu, Jewel and their new kids head off to Amazon but ends up finding Jewel's long lost father. Also, Nigel comes back for revenge.

I'm a bit mixed on this one. On one hand, parts of the plot seem okay and the trailer had nice animation and some funny moment. However, it seems like it could also be a dull rehash that is just a quick cash grab.

I don't know, some of the stuff going with the kids in some of the early plot summaries and Nigel coming back, just seems kind of re-hash-y. Yeah, the father subplot sounds cool but it could go into dull zone as well.

However, I have no doubts that Blue Sky will produce a watchable product. I hope it just ends up being okay instead of flat out bad. The same cast (Jese Eisnberg, Anne Hathaway,) returns but we also have new players.

Like Andy Garcia as the dad, Kristen Chenowith and some chick into Nigel (ew) and Bruno Mars as Jewel's ex-boyfriend. I'm not exactly a Bruno Mars and the whole ex thing seems pretty clich .

Like I said, I'm mixed. It could be a fun sequel, but it could also be a pointless cash grab. I'd much rather see a sequel to Epic but eh .it's better than Ice Age 5.



Like with The Nut Job, this is a film from some nobody that no one will know about until it comes out. That's always a good sign.

This was supposed to some out last year, but it got pushed back to avoid a Mirror Mirror/Snow White and the Huntsman effect.

This is a sort of sequel to Wizard of Oz where Dorothy returns to Oz to find it's in grave danger. So she teams up with her old friends, and new ones, to fight an evil Jester and stop him from taking over.

So we went from an evil witch, to some Jester who wants to turn people into puppets.Okay.

This is another one I'm mixed one. The trailer had it's moments, and I like the idea .but aspects of the animation make it seem like a cheap kid's movie for kids. The plot reminds me of a watered down version of Return to Oz (Now imagine THAT as an animated movie) and all that.

The cast is decent, at least. Dan Aykcroyd as The Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammar as tin min, Patrick Stewart as a tub boat, Martin Short as the villain and BRIAN BLESSED as "Judge Jawbreakers'.

I don't know enough to judge, but this could be just a mediocre "sequel" as a decent animated flick. I have no idea, but with the cast, it could be fun.


Dreamworks' returns to give a sequel to their most beloved film of the past few years. Like everyone else, I loved the first one so you bet your ass I've been wanting a good sequel.

5 years after the first one, Dragons are not a full part of their society, and the new cool sport is Dragon racing. Hiccup is pressure to start a family and all that, but he gets pissy and runs away. They end up running into the mysterious Dragon Rider and now they find themselves in an epic battle to protect the peace.

If I had to pick my most anticipated animated fim of the year, this would be my pick. Yeah, Lego seems fun and the ones coming up are cool but this looks awesome. Parts of the plot seems typical, but I love the idea of finding new dragons and the trailer just looked great.

Sadly, Chris Sanders will be replaced with a new guy. But this new guy helped Chris writer Lilo and Stitch and the first HTTYD. So I'd say we are in good hands.

The cast (Jay whats his face, Gerald Butler, etc) return but we have a couple new people, like Cate Blanchet as a character I can't say. Yeah, let's adress the dragon in the room.

The first trailer was awesome .but it also had a spoiler. Now, Trailers always spoil, but this one had a spoiler that turned out ot be so huge that some of the crew warned Fans to avoid the trailer.

How big is the spoiler? Someone said it was like if the trailer for Empire Strikes back had the I am your father scene.


So in fairness, I won't spoil it. I didn't see it as huge when I saw it, but it is. It's actually the best part of the trailer, but ah well.

Overall, , this looks like it could be a great sequel to a great movie. So if Mr Peabody turns out bad, Dreamwrosk still has that.

On the flipside of the sequel coin, we have



I haven' seen the first Planes yet, but I don't need to know this doesn't seem good. We know next to nothing about this one, except that the director will be replaced by the man behind Jake and the neverland pirates.

Clearly this will be a dark and gritty fim for adults.

I can't judge something with no plot, but the first film got bad reviews, and even the hardcore Cars fans didn't like it. Now, this sequel was confirmed before the first film hit theathers and it got a teaser trailer a few months after part 1 came out.

Yep, this isn't a rushed cash grab. Nope, not at all.

At least with the first one, parts of it looked like it had some heart behind it. But everything about this one screams Cash grab. It could be good, and maybe when it has a full trailer, I might change my tune.

But for now, I'm not hyped.


From the studio that brought us Stop Motion masterpieces Coraline and Paranorman comes another stop motion film.

This film is about a dude named Eggs who was raised by cave dwelling trash collectors known as the Box trolls. But then an evil exterminator comes to stop their fun and that's all we know of the plot.

Some of it seems typical but I love the idea of the Box trolls themselves. We have no trailer here but I do like the idea. Plus, I liked Lakia's other films so that HAS to be good.

Some of the cast includes Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and BEN KINGSLEY as the villain. I doubt this will top his other animated masterpiece, but who knows.

We have little info so I can't say much else. However, from what I know, this could another stop motion marvel from Lakia.


Another one with little info, not even a poster. But we have the plot. From the makers of Free Birds, comes something that sounds far more interesting.

It's the journey of Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart. Before choosing which path to follow, he embarks on an incredible adventure that spans three fantastical worlds, where he must face his greatest fears.

Again, some seems typical but the whole "3 worlds' thing seems pretty cool. The cast includes Channing Tatum, Zoe Saladna, Ice Cub, and RON PEARLMAN.

Some of the cast seems like typical Celeb casting but I do love the idea. Also, the director created El Tigre, and the ones of the producers is Guuiemllo Del Tro.

Yes, really.

So I'm interested in this one. Hopefully it will be good.


There will sadly be no Pixar film this year, but Disney has a big project. Now, Disney hasn't done a ton with Marvel outside of Phineas and Ferb Mission Mavel,but it looks they are fixing that with this film.

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, this is the story of Hiro who uncovers an evil plot and join a team of crime fighters. Not the best plot, but the stuff I've heard sounds cool.

Word of God says it will mix Eastern and Western styles of the animation, and Disney is really banking on this one. It's no Fairy tale, but it could be as good as Wreck It Ralph.

There isn't any info on the cast but we have the director of Bolt. That alone sounds cool.

Not much else to say but I hope this is another epic Winner for Disney.

And finally, Dreamworks will close out with '


Wow, that's one generic title.

An alien race called the Boov invades Earth to make it their new home. They try to relocate the human race but a little girl escapes and teams up with a banished Boov to make things right.

This .sounds AWESOME. Bad title aside, I love this idea. Aliens invade us and a girl escapes and has to stop it? That's a GREAT idea! Plus, it could be funny cuz the aliens are supposed to be kind of inept and they are running from their mortal enemies.

So they aren't really bad guys, but this could still an awesome and funny picture. The director did decent Dreamsworks fare like Over the hedge .and also Antz but I won't hold that against him.

Yeah, the cast includes that guy from the Big Bang theory and Rihnna (Dreamworks casting at it's finest) but I just really like the idea. No poster/trailer yet but this could be a decent end to the year.

So there you go. It seems like a solid slate with some fun and inventive films. I think The Nut Job and Planes 2 will be the weakest while The Lego Movie, Dragons 2 and Big hero 5 might be the best. It will at least be an improvement over 2013.

Also, side note: We will be getting the 5th Tinkerbell movie .with TOM HIDDLESTON as Captain hook. Okay, now I wanna see it.

With that out of the way, let's go to the live action films I'm hyped for. This is no actual order, except it's in order of Release date.


I loved the first one so of course I wanna see this one. Like with the old muppet movies, it looks like each one will stand alone, which I am cool with.

This one, the Muppets are going through Europe when some frog named Constantine poses as Kermit to do some bad shit, and hilarity ensues.

Not the best plot ever, but it could be very funny. The first trailers aren't too overwhelming (mostly when compared to the amazing marketing of the first film) but they are getting my hyped.

Sadly, Jason Seigel isn't attached to this one and some of the team is different. But we have the same main writer and all that.

As far as cast goes, there's Ty Burell as a french dude, and Ricky Gervas as Dominic Badguy. BEST NAME EVER.

Yeah, it doesn't look as inventive or awesome as the first, but it could also be funny sequel with our favorite characters. I'm sure more trailers will come to show us more, or maybe they are just hiding the best parts.

Either way, I am, so seeing.

But before I move, let's discuss the cameos. We have names like Tom Hiddelston, Frank Langella, Ray Liotta, Salam Hayek, Danny Trejo, Ross lynch and .Bridigt Mendler and Debby Ryan.



It's a Marvel movie, so it's gonna be huge. However, this gets extra points for being a sequel to my favorite of the Avengers lead up pictures.

In this one, Cap is trying to adjust to modern when the death of a SHEILD agent gets him into a big mystery. So he must team up with Black Widow to uncover an evil scheme, all with the help of some dude called The Falcon.

This seems like the set up to a great sequel. Who knows if it will top the first one, but Marvel movies are always a great event. While Joe Johnston is being replaced, his replacements are writers for Community.

Odd choice for a Marvel movie but I love that show so I don't care.

What I'm reading about the villain, story, and character developments looks really interesting. The trailer was pretty cool and with Marvel, you can expect some fantastic action at least.

By the way, in case anyone asks I've seen a bit of Agents of Shield and I like it. There, hapy?

Anyway, not much else to say. This sounds really cool and I hope it's another great Marvel film.


I wasn't hugely hyped for htis one until iread the plot and summary, and so who is doing it.

Here's the plot: Dr Will caster is making a sentient machine that combines the integllence of everything known to man, with a full range of emotions. He's famous for his experments, but some Anti-Tech guys are out for his blood.

Eventually, Will's thirst of knowledge is turnign into a quest for powert, now his friends have to stop him and all that.

Some bits are a bit cliche, but this is REALLY cool idea. It may be a complex Sci Fi film that makes you think about interesting issues.

It's the first directorial effort by Wally Pfsiter, who is mostly a Cinematographer on Christopher Nolan's films. Which means it will look great.

Also, it stars Johnny Depp as Will, and we also have Morgan Freeman. Any doubts that this won't be amazing are gone.

We'll see what happens, but I hope this will be great.


Oh hell yes. I haven't seen any Godzilla movies (Torches and pitchforks are over there) but this looks cool.

I hear the 1998 one was crap but this looks like it could be great. It seems like it is returning to the mostly serious tone of the original films, which is very welcome.

I won't go over the plot, as we all know it: A giant mutant Lizard thingy rises from the deep to kill us all and we gotta stop him. Now, this wlll be a tricky film to pull off.

The reason being that it's impossible to have a movie all about the big guy, so we need a big enough human element to make it an actual story.

I heat the original film did this right by making a very dark film that makes us care for the humans. But in this day and age, it could go the route of the 1998 film, where we focus almost entirely on humans with no personality, and pointless subplots.

I doubt it will be like Bayformers as no one annoying is in the cast. Speaking of which, the cast includes some Japanese dudes, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston. Okay, there's no way this will suck with Walter White involved.

Infact, let's just make WALTER WHITE VS GODZILLA!


Anyway, I'm hyped for this cuz it looks like it COULD be a very good monster film with great destruction scene, even if the humans suck, Reading some interviews, it looks the writer will tyr hard to make a human element, and represent Godzilla as a true force of nature, and just some dumb monster.

I'm pretty interested in this. Here's hoping it will be what Godzilla needs after-

"That's a lot of fish!"



Another obvious one.

I haven't seen either Wolverine movie (I'd like it to stay that way for Originals) but I l really liked the original trilogy and First class. Yeah, I liked X men 3, shut up.

Bryan Singer, who did the first 2, is back to do this one, and I'm hyped. The whole plot isn't known, but we know the X men from the original trilogy and the team from First Class has to team up to save the future.

So yeah, it's a time travel X men movie.That should be awesome. Reading interviews, it seems like they will try to combine what made both the early films and First Class work so well, and then some.

Though it seems like they are hiding some elements, so I can't comment on everything. I don't know if this still start as a follow up to First Class and then turn into a crossover with the original trilogy, or what.

Either way, I hope they keep what it so good.

We know plenty of little things, but not enough for me to comment on. I'm hoping this ends up being the X men film we all need and all that.

Also, please give us focus on other characters. Wolverine has had TWO solo movies now. First Class didn't have much of him and look at how well it did!

That is all.


Okay, hear me out on this one.

After Ted, it only makes sense that Seth Macfarlne would do another movie. It's not Ted 2, but it's the next best thing. We have no trailer or anything, but it sounds funny.

It's about a dude named Albert, a sheep farmer who loses his girlfriend due to withdrawing from a duel. He meets another lady but her spouse demands payback. Hialrity ensues.

It's not exactly the most original premise, with Seth behind the wheel it's sure to be really different and interesting. Will it top Ted? We'll have to see, but it sounds amusing.

We don't know much beyond the plot, but I love the cast. Of course Seth is the lead but we also say Amanda Seyfriend as his old girlfriend, and Charize Theron as the new one, and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

That alone means it will be good. Sure, he doesn't always pick good movies but he's always good IN them.

Also, Liam Neeson as the villain. Okay, 3 movies with Liam as the villain. What is up with that? He another movie coming out but he's the good guy in that. I hope he kills someone in this one.

Don't have much else to say. It could be lame bur I hope it's funny.


Again, duh.

This is another big Marvel film. I'm not sure how an Avengers-scale movie will fit in the Marvl world (and Avengers 2) but it sounds good.

Far out in space, A dude named Peter finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing some orb. So he has to team up with ex-cons to harness the power of the orb and save the day.

Not the most original premise, but it could an amazing space epic. Again, Marvel knows what they are dong so I'm hyped for this.

The cast includes Chris Pratt as Peter, Zoe Saladana as the female chick John C Riley, and Bradely Cooper as a genetically engineered raccoon.


It's directed by James Gunn, who brought us Slither, Super, and the Beezel skit from Movie 43. Okay, I can forgive him for that .if this movie is good.

Reading interviews, it looks like this will be another epic Marvel film that lots of effort put into it. Joss Whedon says Gunn is a perfect choice and it will be great.

Can't go wrong with Joss' words

Not much else to say. Hopefully will Marvel will knock it out of the park again.


I own the 2nd one but I still haven't seen the first 2 films. But the concept still excites me so I hope to watch them before this one comes out.

Once again, action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Satham, Jet Li, Dolph And Lundgrunn, and AHNOLD, team up to kick some ass once again. Like the 2nd one, more will be added like Harrison Ford, Antonia Bandereas,Wesley Snipes, and Mel Gibson.

These movies just continue to have the best cast EVER.

As for the plot, Stallone killed Mel Gibson but he now he's back for revenge, and now Stallone must make a new and younger version of the Expendables to take him down. Sounds cool but who needs a story when you have action and stars like this?

Also, Bruce Willis is backing out due to a money issue. Yeah, he's gonna star in Die Hard 45: This time, it's really tired.

This could be another fun action romp that appeals to us action fans. Also, I like the idea of a younger generation. It's like a sort of battle of Old and new, which is a neat idea to me.

I'll need to see the first 2 and if they suck, you can take this off the list. But if now, keep it cuz it sounds awesome.


Now, this entry will seem odd to those who read my review of the book this is based on. I liked the first book, and disliked books 2 and 3. However, the first movie was pretty good. I haven't seen the 2nd one yet, but I hear it improved on both first film and book.

From what I hear, the love triangle is pretty much gone and they continue what made the first good, and there is so no Shakycam. Okay, how did this happen?

I mean a sequel based on a book that is better than th orginal AND the book?! That amost NEVER happens! And even those who liked the book felt it was good!

I need to see this.

And if they can improved on Catching Fire, they can improve Mockngjay. However, they are splitting into two parts cuz that's the hip thing to do now.

But here's the thing: The first half of the book rocked, and the 2nd half sucked. So this way, I can just see one decent movie, and avoid a bad one instead of one uneven movie!


That, and it can see many ways they can fix my issues with it without alienating the fans of it. They did with part 2, and the issues with 3 are a bit more minimal then the ones they fixed in 2.

Plus, it still has that great cast (Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland) and the same director as 2. So yeah, while we don't known about the film itself, I Hope it's a great one.

Now, will the split be worth it? We'll see but it has to be better thtan the book.

And finally


I haven't seen the 2nd one yet, but I love the original trilogy, and I enjoyed the first one a lot. I hear 2 improved on the issues of 1 and gave us a great LOTR adventure. So that, has me hyped to watch it.

This however, is the end to the Hobbit Trilogy which will probably show people why these films has to be split in the first place. Certain films just kind of have to have an epic conclusion that is as good as the previous films.

Since I haven't read the books (yet, My dad has them so I can read them if I want) so I can't comment on the adaptation part of it. I don't much to say about this one, actually. We don't info on it on it's own, instead just on how it connects to the other films.

I think it should have been 2 movies but if 2 was as good as I heard it was, maybe it was worth it. I missed out on 2 in theaters, but my Dad saw it (While I got to see Frozen) nd enjoyed it. So chances are, I'll try to catch it in theaters.

I still love this cast, with Martin Freeman as Bilbo, and Ian Mckellen as Gandgalf, so changes are they will still shine here. Also, while I haven't see 2, I KNOW that Benedict Cumberbacth as great as Smaug (easier to spell then pronounce, trust me) cuz he's Benedict Cummberbatch,

For all know, this could be a disappointing end but I have faith in good ol' Peter Jackson. Don't have much to say, except this should be another great return to Middle Earth.

BUT WAIT. There is one more. I have it as an odd cuz we have idea if it wil be 2014 or not. But


Oh yeah. Doug Walker got to make 3 films so it's James' Rolfes turn.

After all the crap with the funding and that, I can't wait for this to come out. Rolfe has been hard at work on it for years and the AVGN videos are still going strong despite the movie.

As for the plot, AVGN has been pressured to review ET for the Atari 2600 for years, and he hears about the rumors of how a bunch of copies were buried. Sp he heads off an a quest to prove there is nothing buried there, but he is chased by some Government guys who think he is after the secrets of Area 51.

Sounds weird, but awesome. The trailer was pretty epic (without any cuts to black, like Rolfe hates). Based on what Rolfe has said about it, this is very personal project for him that will please the fans.

A lot of work is going into the script, effects and all that. He isn't making a silly web video. He's making a MOVIE.

This will give us a look into more of the nerd's world, and it's sure to be funny. It could suck but since Rolfe's work is usually top notch, this will follow suit.

Will it come out in 2014? Hopefully. Rolfe just finished the main filming and he's trying hisx best to get it out as soon as possible. He has no set date, cuz he knows he won't any date he sets.

My best guess would be July or August, but you never know. Either way, if it comes out in 2013 it's my most anticipated film of the year. Yeah, it sounds silly but it's true.

Not much else to say, but I hope it's not a shitload of fuck.

So there you go, my most Anticipated films of 2014. Of course there are plenty of others that sound cool but these were the biggest ones. If any animated films could be on the list, it would be The Lego movie and Dragon 2. Some of these may be bad or weak, but I hope each one is wonderful.

Are there any films I am not interested in? Well, there's Blended, the next Adam Sandler, ansd Trasnformers 4. Yeah, the cast is different for T4 but it has the same writer and Katara from M night's Last airbender


Also, Paranormal Activity 5, cuz this franchise should just die, and A Haunted House, which has no reason to exist. I'm sure the stinkers will sneak up on me, as well as the winners. But this is sure to be a fine year as long we have no Movie 43 on our hands.

Also, I'll comment on the new TEENAGE MUTUANT NINJA TURTLES Movie. More news came since I last discussed it (March of 2012) but we have Megan Fox as april, nobodies as the turtles, the short guy from Santa Buddies, and 30 nights as Splitner, and William Fictner as Shredder.

You know what? I'm interested. For one, they are no longer aliens AND Micheal Bay is only PRODUCING. Sure, the director doesn't have the best track record but it could be fun. I'm fine with most of the casting, since the casting for the 1990 was just as odd. The only piece that I am mixed on is Megan Fox, for obvious reasons.

But she's not an awful person, so who cares? It's not like anyone is gonna avoid even if she's just in a small part oh, Erod/Blockbuster buster is, even though the entire moral of his Shrek 3 video was that you shouldn't let your dislike of something stop you from seeing other things like it?

That's mature.

But anyway, that's it for now. This should be a fine year. I have no idea which ones I will rev view but we'll see.

See ya.
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