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New Anime Series! Noragami episode 1

WEEEE! Post 4 of the night and finally a new anime for the Winter 2014 year. I have a few more series to watch but most of them are on the maybe/probably not list. I am not delusional enough to think that I can watch ALL those shows on my preview list, not given how late I have been...lately. No no, there will only be a few new shows I will blog about this season.

Welcome to spoiler alert! But since this came out last week I should be fine yes? This show though, Noragami, seems to be safely on the yes will be blogging list. Episode 1 was enjoyable to watch. Poor gods, reckless girl, and monsters that need to be destroyed? Sign me up!

In like....200 more years! Episode Summary: A young girl is sitting in class looking upset. It looks like people were taking exams and were stressed out. She must have been recently sick as they all gossip about the exams and how unfair it is that she gets special treatment. One student even goes as far to say the girl should kill herself. To make matters worse the girl sees a giant snake monster floating outside. She wishes for help and POOF Yato a...god appears. He smirks at the snake and transforms Tomone, the proper looking woman next time him, into a knife. He taunts the monster and sets to work killing him. Wish granted. After the battle Yato turns Tomone back into her human appearance. She's disgusted she smells like his hands and demands to be let free from their contract since he is a loser god that no one knows. He reluctantly lets the treasure go and she dances off, trash talking him. Dejected Yato sits on a bench. He just got done tagging a wall with a message for people with wishes to call him. He looks at his sad jar of money and thinks how he will never afford a temple or followers. Plus what can he do without a treasure? He has visions of a wonderful future in his head, he must make it happen. He sees a poster of a lost cat and smiles. Elsewhere a threesome of girls sees the poster too. Two girls comment on the name of the cat (something like Master) while the third girl Hiyori is busy downloading a martial art video. Her friends are shocked that Hiyori is into that as it would give her mom a heart attack. She starts going on and on about a certain martial artist and her friends ask her who she really likes that is obtainable. That is when she sees Yato looking for the cat. He darts across the street as he spies the furball. He is almost hit by a truck but Hiyori pushes him out of the way. She begins to chastises him when he looks behind her. The two friends are freaking out and the driver is calling an ambulance as Hiyori's body is in the street. Then Hiyori was talking to Yato passes out and wakes up in her family's hospital. Her doctor dad, 2 friends, and mom sigh on relief. Hiyori seems confused as she mentions a boy no one else saw but anime magic has kept her from getting hurt.

I was HIT by a bus losers! Hiyori and her nonbroken bones are put to sleep but she wakes up at 2 am when she hears...well all the people in the hospital. Moaning about their sickness, wanting to die, and other sad things. Hiyori starts to worry and more creepies like the snake from earlier are around. But poof Yato is there, telling her she hears the Far Shore. Hiyori panics and calls the police and doesn't let up when Yato tries to explain he is a god. He says he didn't need her help but he just wanted to see if she was okay. He is offended she had no idea who he was but leaves because THEY are around. Hiyori is confused but seems to pass out again. She returns to school rather quickly as her friends note but gets very woozy still. She thinks there is something she had forgotten but can't put her finger on it. When they are walking home from school Hiyori sees the poster for the cat and knows if she finds it it will jog her memory. So off she goes, woozy and passy outy. Yato is also looking for the cat still and BAM he finds it. Only the cat is terrified and runs into Yato's arms. Yato realizes they are surrounded by eye monsters. He has no weapon so he runs like hell. He makes it to a clearing but then is attacked by a frog monster. Hiyori pushes Yato out of the way in time and finally remembers him. Yato can't help but notice her tail.....The Frog Monster keeps attacking and they dodge a bit. Then Hiyori pulls out some martial art moves and hurts the Frog Monster. Yato takes Hiyori and flies away. Once safe Hiyori is like is this real life? Yato points to her tail and she freaks out. He then points to her body laying on the ground and she freaks out more/passes out. When she wakes up Yato explains she is a Phantom now, like these monsters. More freaking out. Then he is like well you are like more of on the edge, living in the living world and the Far Shore. She wants him to cure her and he says um live with it. She begs him and as a god he is like...okay 5 yen please. He says they are not bonded together. The cat is returned to his owner and the little boy says thank you great Yato god. THE END!

Just another day in the life of Yato the amazing. Well that was a nice way to start off the Winter 2014 anime season. For me anyway. The only yes on my list looks like it is going to be a good one. Of course it can only go downhill from here....details details. Let us be happy for the now.

But I wanted to be the main character! Either I read the synopsis wrong or read too much into it because the bullied girl doesn't look like she is going to be important to the plot line. I thought she was going to be the main character. Watched the opening song all confused. She was just the opening number. To set the stage for this world. But yeah folks....what a crappy life she is having. XX What asshole kids!!! Don't make fun of sick people. I think Hiyori and her are wearing different uniforms so no hope for a rescue there....

30 seconds into this show and we got a monster to defeat? On it! But I like that this show started off with a bang. Like BAM time to get this show on the road. We ain't got time for scenic views of the street. Get to work Yato! You got creatures to fight. Show us how amazing this anime is going to be. XD So yeah I think I am going to like this show. Grabs you in without being too flashy.

Fine, I don't need you anyway! Then...some comic relief. Already? Yato took out that monster with ease. With just a simple knife. But his weapon has a name and she is not happy. See it turns out that Yato isn't as cool as he thinks he is. He is just a low level god with barely any followers and no temple to speak of. Plus he is broke and smells like boy. So Tomone wanted out. Now it is curious that Yato let her out of the contract so easily. Perhaps she was going to be uncooperative anyway so Yato cut his loses? That maybe a god and treasure weapon don't have such a one sided master/slave relationship. I just thought Yato would have been a little more...upset about it. But apparently it happens all the time to Yato so you know. Bye Tomone, you were around for a month.

Surely this will drum up tons of business. Yato brushed off being left again and got back to work. By work I mean he got a spray can and advertised his services on a park wall. Got a wish, call me. That is one step above prostitution I think. I hope as the series goes on we see him getting prank calls. But yes folks Yato is trying to make a name for himself. He wants to be a famous god. Since he is about as unfamous as you can get that might be a challenge. Especially without a treasure. It should be woe is Yato but not today. He's got a dream folks. He has a dream to see the lanterns. Or be the best god ever. He isn't going to let the little matter of reality stop him. He will learn his way to top god one 5 yen coin at a time. He just needs a job....a job....oh look time to locate a lost cat. Surely a weaponless god can handle that.

Clearly unacceptable. In the land of the living and boring we meet our other main character. Hi Hiyori. Welcome to the crazy. She was walking around and having a normal life with her friends when her life changed forever. Wonder if we will see those friends again. Usually when someone starts having magical forces in their life or become magical themselves the old friends are quickly forgotten. Goodbye old life. But yes the friends were looking at the poor missing kitten poster while Hiyori was looking at some martial art thing. I guess that makes her different among her friends. Oh prim and proper Hiyori liking martial art? This cannot be!! You must be the image of a rich school girl. Those uniforms by the way are friggin ugly. Maybe not ugly but really, really unflattering. Like wearing a tent or something. Clearly unacceptable.

I'll save you hottie! Hiyori's life took a dramatic turn when she saw Yato. Her friends were joking she needed more of an obtainable love interest and BAM a hottie walks by. Only that hottie has a death wish and is running across the street. Hiyori must have thought she was super Hiyori or she really values others more than herself. Because hello bus, welcome to my side. I thought for a second Hiyori had been doubled or split into two do to the fact she was talking to Hiyori over here when there was another her was..... over there. Maybe she is magical as she was up and walking a few days later. No broken bones. Just a little hit, the driver was breaking. You can all go back to your cars now guys, she's fine.

I'm trying to get some sleep here people. After Hiyori was loved and kissed on by worried family and friends she got some much needed rest. For like an hour. Then it was all I hear dead people. But they were alive. Much like the girl taking her exams. Hiyori started to hear things. Like people's feelings or thoughts. A hospital is not the place you want to be to hear positive things. Well maybe the baby ward but still I be upset there too. XD Hiyori started to lose her mind when suddenly Yato appears to complete the insanity. I like how she immediately called 911. Or Japan 911. Like um no this is insanity, do not want please. Of course the police never did show up....such a comfort.

This poster helped Hiyori sorta remember Yato...because cats are better than men. Kidding kidding...maybe. I am not sure how magical Yato is. Because Hiyori was having a hard time remembering him this time and the bus splat time. The other girls claim not to see him but that might be his powers again. But they said she darted in the road for no reason. Hmmmm can only magical and special people see him and remember him? He has been touching things in the human realm. Did the school exam student see the monster or was she upset over all those people picking on her? Hiyori could see him before she turned special....Anyway Yato just wanted to see how she was doing. Probably interested since there were two of her and what not. Move along, nothing to see here.

I love you kitty! Day two of the cat hunt. Or more, depending how long Hiyori was in the hospital. Hiyori was going to find it. Great job mom, hanging up the posters. Next time look yourself cause I didn't see you and Yato searched everywhere and found it twice. The second time something else had found it first. A lot of something elses. They are watching us. Quick I have no weapon lets run little kitty! I thought it was cute how the cat jumped into Yato's arms. So cute. This town is crawling with monsters. Hello there giant frog. How are you today? Still no weapon so how about you hop along? Hopefully we find out more about this Phantom business next episode. Because they are everywhere in this town. Hopefully Saya doesn't live close by. Then everyone will die.

Amazing fighting skills there. XD After some dizzy spells and broken gaps in her memory Hiyori decided she was going to find out what was going on. Take to the streets and find the cat. Only she found Yato and the poor kitty being attacked by the Frog Monster. Hiyori seems like the kind of person to jump into a situation and then realizes how dangerous things were later. I will save you, only so I can get answers later. Here check out my amazing martial art moves while you stand there is awe of my amazingness. Or my tail. Probably my tail right? I like how Hiyori got one good move in and Yato was like time to fly away. Like if you could do that why didn't you do that from the start? Okay it was more like jumping but still. Onward to safety.

That doesn't sound positive, fix me now! After safety was reach Yato gave the shortest explanation in history on what is wrong with Hiyori. If I was her I would have demanded more answers. But it didn't look like Yato was in a talking mood anyway. Like um you have a tail, you are part human/part Phantom. What more is there to explain? Yato was a bit....contradictory though. He was talking about the Near Shore (where the living are) and the Far Share (which is basically the afterlife) in turns of being human. Then in the next second he was talking about Phantoms basically being emotions. Maybe after some people die instead of crossing over some people have negative energy that turn into Phantoms. You know, shaped like frogs and stuff. So these aren't really monsters, just human emotions running around feeding off the negative energy of living humans.

Yato can now make one copy of one flyer advertising his services. In the end Hiyori was able to make Yato promise to help her out. Because she has the cash folks. 5 yen. It is going to take Yato quite a long time to get his temple people. He has to follow the rules of the god though. Not sure how Yato is going to help Hiyori as he was quick to dismiss this situation as hopeless. But the second she pulled out the coin and wished for it...well anything is possible. Or will be possible once the poor god gets his hand on another weapon. Me thinks that Hiyori is going to be in for a special ride with this guy. YAY TAILS!
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