Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New 'I, Frankenstein' Clip Suggests That Dr. Frankenstein Was REAL

In this new clip from Stuart Beattie's , Lionsgate's horror actioneer opening on January 24, 2014, it is suggested that Dr. Frankenstein was real. And if that were true, that would also mean his "monster" would be real as well. Yvonne Strahovski is offered a chance to "study" something quite unique

What she's about to study is presumably the 200-year-old Adam, played by Aaron Eckhart. Bill Nighy and Miranda Otto also star.

"200 years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam, still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind."

The pic also gets the IMAX treatment.
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