Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Resolutions!

1. Lose Weight - I was overweight when I got pregnant and haven't done much to lose the weight since Monster was born. I am so unhappy with my body and it's time for a change!! My goal is to start with 20 minutes on the elliptical 3x a week. I also want to start spending more time outside with DH and Monster on the weekends. Obviously eating habits play a big part, see #2.

2. Eat Better - DH and I have started learning about the dangers of processed foods and have started trying to eat more whole foods. I have started following the blog 100 Days of Real Food and hope to try some of her recipes and add more veggies to our diet. My goal for the new year is to start visiting the local farmer's market and even if it is tiny, to have a garden again this year. Having a garden also goes along with goal #1 because it will provide some exercise and outside time. (And, duh, eating healthy will hopefully provide some weight loss).

3. Read 1 book a month - I am a reader. I love to read. But I have gotten out of the habit of reading. I spend far too much time in front of the TV and that needs to change. So my goal for the new year is to read 1 book each month.

4. DECLUTTER! - Besides losing weight, this is perhaps the goal I most want to achieve. I firmly believe that having less stuff will result in less stress, make the house easier to clean, and just generally improve our moods. But, alas, I have hoarding tendencies and am somewhat sentimental, so its very hard for me to get rid of stuff. Since having Monster (and all the baby stuff that goes along with a new baby), I have started feeling like our house is so crowded. I'm also starting to get overwhelmed by the amount of toys that Monster has and want to make an effort to get rid of most of them or at least come up with a system to rotate them out.

5. Go back to church - this has been my NY's resolution for the past two years and every year I fail. I was raised in a church and I want Monster to have the same exposure. Aside from deep religious topics, I believe that going back to church will make me a happier, more peaceful person. I get very annoyed and angry with people and need help remembering how to be kind and gentle with those around me.
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