Thursday, January 2, 2014

Otaking 28

Happy New Years! What a way to start it by reviewing an anime movie I have seen twice now and all I'm doing is holding off until now.

Nope, don't say they look like Pokemon!

Summer Wars2009Director - Mamoru HosadaMadhouse Studio

For some reason, Summer Wars surprisingly never caught on to me. It is about a timid asian nerd (Kenji) that excels in math and is submerged in the virtual reality of creatures and connectivity; akin to many social media websites these days. He is taken away from his summer vacation to present himself as the boyfriend of Nastuki, who is a cute teenager from the same high school as Kenji who needs him to do her this favor. Kenji eventually finds out Natsuki has a huge family and gets caught up between the forces of the digital world and reality.

Artistically, it needs be praised because it exudes bright colors visually and character design supremacy by the hundreds. There is a lot of Digimon influences with all the monsters that acts as avatars are thrown in the interconnected cyber world. Also, the family theme fits along quite nicely expressing a variety of ages along the branching tree that is rooted from the amazing character Sakae Jinnouchi, who is the Grandma and is the head of the household.

I don't know. The continuity for me breaks off between the relationship of this cyber world and the family household events. I feel like the flow was not there, almost as if the two worlds would have been great as separate movies. The investment on the world Oz, as it is called, between all the family members seems to change once the inter connected world starts taking control of reality. It drastically changes the tone from one end to another. I truly liked the family themes and connections that was pushed through this movie but for all its creativity, Oz never made it seem like the world was as dire than the situation the family had at hand (no spoilers here.).

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