Monday, January 13, 2014

Sketching 28 pages_part 2

Pg 6-7, pencil

Here is what I most sketch, food and characters that will possibly developed overtime.

Pg 8-9, pencil

Not only was my winter was sketching in this sketchbook but I had a desire to make christmas cookies for everyone. It your life, you have to pick up baking in order to feed yourself well. I wanted to draw more but got tired of that page, which will happen with a sketchbook, that you'll just leave a page with no idea how to finish it. But on page nine, this was drawn in the back of a vehicle for a two hour drive. This was inspired by gallery show at my art school; the theme was of Krampus, a legendary beast from Europe that would kidnap naughty children for Christmas. This is my interpretation of the beast, with a drawing my dog Kona inside it's straw basket because she eat most of my shells from my still lives. This is the way of expressing my vengeance upon her.

Pg 10-11, pen&ink

Here are more examples of my illustration drawing ability, some pictures are ideas for the circus submission, other inspired by the artist Maurice Sendak from seeing his exhibit, while others are just for doodling. Mostly it is playing with mark-making and textures with pen & ink medium.

Pg 12-13, pen&ink

Both these pages were sparked from seeing two different exhibits. Page 12 is from the Florence Griswold, where they displayed Harry Holtzman work. You may recognize these sketches of the painter, Pier Mondrain. Holtzman worked with Mondrain but then used his skills to make these drawing three dimensional. By creating physically volume and form, the viewers can interact the artwork by looking through the white spaces or seeing other colors inside the grid. Then on page 13, the New Britain Museum of American Art had exhibits on Hawaiian art and of Maurice Sendak work. You know him well as the illustrator of "Where the Wild Things Are" and many of your childhood stories are. Fun fact: originally the story was suppose to be "Where the Wild Horses Are" but Sendak couldn't draw horse, so it got changed to the monster creation he had doodled. So, to thank him for his beautiful work of illustrations and passionate life, I drew one of his wild things in memory of him and in hope for people to remember him as well.

Pg 14-15, Pencil

Page 14 & 15 both show my ability to draw observational pictures, whether it is an three dimensional object or interior design of a room. So, yeah, I say I made some improvements from last semester but I do say that I loving those boots. Totally want to stick my feet back into them now.
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