Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Quick First Impressions: ZX Ignition


SHORT SYNOPSIS:Our lead character fights with supernatural creatures/angels.

Okay, so I was under the impression that this was a kiddie show. Well, not so much, actually. I mean the characters are a lot older (one of the characters is 19despite looking nothing like it), and it actually was moderately entertaining. The entire episode was told a bit out of chronological order, which also spiced things up. The main character isn't your typical wimp, which also helps. A lot happened in this episode which either means that this will be a fast-paced series, or they blew most of their ideas in the first episode. However, when you look at the context, this series falls apart a bit. You have monsters fighting each other becauseof stuff. The monsters all have these really cheesy names becauseof stuff. The main character also is important because this angel fell onto him becausehe just happened to be where she happened to fall. This episode didn't explain anything, and while enough explanations may follow, I saw no hints at any sort of depth whatsoever so far.

ED: Copy paste song, boring as usual.

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